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That is some strong Stockholm Syndrome from Airi. Hina is such a good wife tho... ignoring all the rape and abuse.

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These girls continue to need therapy.

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I wouldn't mind of the next volume was just these two traumatized girls being wholesome and cuddling.

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This manga really cheers me up like when I read Saya no Uta for the first time....

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Feels like we're drifting into wholesome territory and I don't know how I feel about that. On the one hand it's super cute and I want them both to be happy. On the other hand they're so toxic that I need to see their relationship go up in flames

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This was, as stated by others, kinda wholesome, if you don't mind the reality of it all..but since it's fiction, I'll allow it and wait for more fucked up-ness!

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Wew now this is hard to read

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I keep reading and all I can think of is "what a bitch" and "what a piece of shit" lmao

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These two always remind me of the song "Labrador" by Aimee Mann:

But I came back for more
And you laughed in my face and you rubbed it in
'Cause I'm a labrador
And I run when the gun drops the dove again

I feel like this series will either end with them still together and accepting their fucked up relationship, or one of them will be dead or imprisoned.

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I want Hina and her relationship to work out, I really do. I don’t know really what the hell is wrong with me lol
You probably like Aya and Sei in its a detached relationship too. Both of series published around the same time and both are quite f***ed up.

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God i really love those 2 sick girls, pls let them have wholesome ending together

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They're as fucked up always lol. Also, I kinda want to see the creepy ass yandere make a move on Yuu and see her reaction for some reason...

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^Sound like it was axed... which is unfortunate.

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How it could last .chapter since it's the first chapter of Vol.5 ? I'm sure you misunderstand something

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^^^ It’s not the last chapter, just the start of a new volume, unless I missed something.

Also the “good wife” part is probably just something the author wrote in for comedy

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See, not last chapter at all. It's more probably final volume.

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There aren't enough Ds in the world for the game of chess Hina's playing.

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So that’s it.

I have to admit, I kind of feel bad for Airi, but then again, she created this entire problem so it’s hard to judge…actually now that I think about it, didn’t Ichika do the same thing Airi did to Hina in the beginning? Used her for her own amusement? Then ditched her? Oof.

Now with this new development, the whole joke about this series ending in either a murder, suicide, or jail doesn’t seem too far off, I mean where would they even go at that age? And with crazy Hina involved anything could happen…

Edit: I hope we get nosebleeds next chapter….

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Well glad to know it wasn't the last chapter but it does seem we're at the last stretch. Anyway I'm actually surprised there was no murder this chapter. Hina going for the big brain plays of manipulation. Was she ever a sub? Really liking it tho. Seems they're going for the elope strat which may or may not still end up with someone dying. Meanwhile Ichika is still into it. I wonder what she'll do next.

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Gatekeep, gaslight, girl boss.

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And I was just checking the Yurihime website...Well, this got translated fast, and I am really interested in seeing where it goes. And the next month's publication will have another chapter of this...yay

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absolutely outskilled

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Hina is playing 5D chess. Scary as hell

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Double-suicide soon?

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