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joined Jun 22, 2019

That was some damn fine art, great sad story too. Thanks /u/ scans

joined Dec 20, 2018

Sad, but absolutely beautiful...

joined Nov 14, 2018

I really would love to see more of these two. I've read and re-read this at least 5 times now and it's so beautiful yet so tragic...

joined Jun 20, 2014

this fuck sad and deserves the nude tag and not nsfw wtf

joined Aug 26, 2018

this fuck sad and deserves the nude tag and not nsfw wtf

What are you even talking about? There is no nude tag. NSFW covers nudity.

Sakura Cartelet
joined May 28, 2016

This was so sad, but I really enjoyed reading it nonetheless.

joined Jun 12, 2019

Idk why she had to be naked but this was so good and so sad..

joined Jul 23, 2017

I was just thinking about this like last month and dont know the name of it, who would've knew that I will see it again and better it has a sequel

DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

My heart

joined Sep 7, 2021

It was kinda hurrying to the end there but the impact hit it's mark anyway. Something about the dead being able to move on, whilst we still cling to them in our hearts, even if it's all in our head, it's still there.

joined Dec 4, 2017

could you imagine meeting the love of your life at the ripe age of dead?? she's been there the whole time but you didn't notice her until you're dead. now put yourself in the other girls shoes. the love of your life, the girl you've pined for since first grade finally notices you!! but shes dead... and your confession of love is the only thing that can send her to eternal peace and happiness n the after life... THIS IS BREAKING MY HEART YA'LL

with that being said, I'd agree with a lot of comments saying this story is bitter-sweet as opposed to full-blown tragedy. BUT i do have to disclose that i think it's more bitter than sweet. this story isn't meant to make you feel happy for these characters in any way. like yeah they got closure so yay i guess but that sweet tone is severely overshadowed by the reality that they only just met after it was too late.. how am i supposed to be happy about anything after reading a story like that? lmaooo

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