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That doesn't sound like back to normal at all!

Blessed Flan-chan. Good to see the erasure of the mansion didn't wake her back up.

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Dam, Reimu... You are scary as fuck!

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Yes, more Yakumi Sarai. Keep 'em coming!

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I guess it's not a touhou doujin without the SDM exploding lol

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lmao what the actual fuck

based Yakumi Sarai

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Just like bomber grape said, if you don't know how end touhou manga, just blow SDM

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I went into this expecting it to be full of Fate references. Instead I get this... which is loads more hilarious!

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So weird reading a work from this author that is relatively normal compared to the others

Mistress Trupin
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Kinda funny that the this one has the what the f am I reading tag and is actually not as screwed up as their other works

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Why is the first and second line only filled with weaklings...!

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Even the cover page looks like one of Bomber Grape’s doujins. I wonder if he’s as big of a meme in the Japanese Touhou fandom as he is in the English one?

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Page 29 killed me.

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Rumia's T-Posing at her best even when she's down. When she's drinking too.

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