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hold up, that's flat out implied rape

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Yeah. That's a lot more straight up blackmail and rape than I'd like to see.

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I need a sequel and like ten more one shots like this.

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How the hell she just brought her senior to a love hotel out of nowhere? That part clearly doesn't add up, and the author didn't bother to try.

The obvious implication seems to be she accosted Sempai shortly after witnessing her leave the gay bar (or whatever) and promptly used the opportunity to drag her into the hotel. Note that Sempai still appears to be wearing the same outfit as in the "busted!" flashback frame...

This was strange to me too because the dialogue suggests that the senpai had no idea why she was suddently being accosted on the bed and that's when she finds out she was spotted, so why did she go along with her kouhai to the hotel and the room she got in the first place?

That aside, not a fan of this one. Senpai is clearly not interested if her own internal thoughts are to be believed. At least it was mercifully short.

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Lol wow. Second time reading this and I just remembered the word for her: sadistic.

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more please!

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I wouldn’t say Yandere but DAMN she do be THIRSTY though!!

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She's kinda yandere-ish, it's a bit terrifying lol. Or rather, more than Yandere, an obsessed person, which isn't that good either.

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Reading this a second time, I understand the mix of interpretations at the end :/ In other pieces featuring these two on the artist's Pixiv, they are in fact depicted to be in a consenting relationship. But the kouhai sure knows how to push her senpai's buttons.

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Yikes. Better start running now.

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I think I need more of this,,, shouldnt it be continued ??

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I think senpai/Tougo-san is the real cutie here. Or maybe I'm a sucker for Ice Queen types. I'm not yandere tho.

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wow, the artstyle in tthis one is amazing.

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I love happy endings

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I hope this manga doesn't turn people off from this artist. I checked the artist's twitter. There's A LOT of good yuri. As in: cute, fluffy girls in consenting relationships. And occasionally in their underwear.

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hold up, that's flat out implied rape

Yeah, I'm uncomfs

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GOSH I SWEAR, I really really love this. Its so cuteeeee aaa ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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ay lmao , that hot , but kinda bothering XD that face yooooo ahahahahhaha

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Somehow, moral sense has been forgotten... Where is rape tag?

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On the author's Pixiv account there is a longer version of this story , though I have no idea if it puts a different slant on the characters interactions as I can't read Japanese … would be nice to see that one translated.

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