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That's a bit moe.

joined Aug 12, 2019

interesting. a complete role reversal for Asuka. can't wait to see the rest of the others acting the polar opposites.

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Reminds me of how painful to read/watch watamote was.

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This feels very weird, I like it

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Nice, now i want a watamote spin-off from this.

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I feel a disturbance in the force

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Next, a smooth and collected Tomoko who sponsors Asuka and helps her make it through life?

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tenshimoko helping asuka out in this version

Doki Doki 4 Noki
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Please let this be a series.

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I kinda dont want to see asuka like this,, I think its not suitable for her...

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Now this is an interesting idea! Katou being the total opposite of herself is funny.

I'd like to see it keep going.

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its really nice

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this is so make me cringed, i'm laughing like a moron now...

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