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That was deep. Does she feel that she betrayed Tomoko because she used her image for sexual pleasure?

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Really like the art

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Ucchi, you go girl!


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I'm just gonna think that this is a prequel to this

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That was deep. Does she feel that she betrayed Tomoko because she used her image for sexual pleasure?

That's the only thing I can think of. Which is kinda SMH...

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This was so wonderful, I love when artists take a more serious approach to how the girls would react after realizing their feelings for Tomoko. I really hope mochiya decides to continue this series (?) with Asuka and Nemo!

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Oooo that was great! Different approach to it~ don’t worry Tomoki loves her, she said she was the only one she could talk it out with, but i do get why she felt like she betrayed her trust. Been there done that xD

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That ending with Ucchi comforting Yuri reminds me of a role-reversed version of It's Okay

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aw yeaaaaaaah this got translated

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This was really a existentially way

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Ucchi understands all too well

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still , there is no way in the world that komi and tomeikou can get along (to this point at least)

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I'm just gonna think that this is a prequel to this


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I know this is angsty and shit, but the entire time reading this, the back of my mind is just going I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

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Ehhh I guess that was okay but like come on Tomoko would have traded talking to Yuri over that four eyes any day of the week

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I love it when Watamote doujins get posted, they're always pretty good for the most part.
This one felt pretty well done, it doesn't feel OOC or outside of canon, it's like as if it could form part of the main story if the manga was nsfw and yuri. I hope there's a sequel tho, ending it like this is depressing, until that imma just think this was a prequel to Kokonoe Kazura like everyone else.

Also, Ucchi being supportive was really wholesome.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the angst hit really hard ;_;

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Me, waiting for the page to load and looking through the tags

"I am ready! C'mon, hit me!

...Actually no, don't—don't hit me. Wait, no, if we're going to cry, we're going to cry hard."

  • {Ucchi holding hands with Yuri}

strangled cry

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supportive ucchi is the mvp

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