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cries in virgin

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Ah. Nice.

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This is super good. Very human, and also really cute of course.

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I knew that this was going to be NSFW, but I didn't expect it to be heart-warming as well

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The first manga translated from this author was indeed a pretty good one, I hope we get more adult life stuff from her.

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Wholesome ❤️ it could definitely be a one-shot, so glad it wasn't.

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you know i think this has to be one of the most realistic manga i've seen in a long while because in a way, we all just need a good giggidy session

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I didn't like this "I love you" thing.
Too soon...

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Getting drunk and having casual sex is one thing, but this is some pretty edgy behavior:

Intertwined, no less.

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But Kohashi said all that at the bar after hearing Hayami's opening line. At the very least she had to assume she had a shot, but was she already into Hayami? She was certainly much more interested in, or much less hung up about, pursuing a relationship.

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That's so very lesbian.

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A new member of my favourites list has arrived

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That's so very lesbian.

and we all know, the more lesbian, the better

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I just going to say this: Jodrer que gran historia /(~_~)/

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I didn't expect something so sweet. Dying of cuteness

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I didn't like this "I love you" thing.
Too soon...

Same, when i realized that there's a sequel to this i thought they would get together there.
Saying "i love you" when less the day before you didn't even care about that person feels way too fast for my taste...

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When I read the title I didn't expect this to be so wholesome and cute! I am pleasantly surprised :D

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A story about a horny lady getting the person who sits next to her at work drunk, then to admit she's ovary explodingly horny too and then fucking her in a hotel and gaining a fuck budy out of the whole process...... Oh and then love. It was wonderful

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Fucking Beautiful~ 10/10 for me

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Awww~ I love OL ///-///

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That's so very lesbian.

and we all know, the more lesbian, the better

Yes and YES!

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This. This is exactly what i wanted. Two experienced woman learning about yuri/girl's love then they begin to fall deeply into it and i just love "If it's not her then it's just that boring sexual activity i do with men like i usually do" vibe here.

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fukkin cute

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love at first fuck

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I hope the sequel will not involved drama and aaaaaangst like both or one of them already have husband/lover(classic).

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