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I like the artstyle. The way the artist they make more plump is really good. "What's ai pee ess ?" It's for making you aunt.

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"Are you going to Harasho?"
Eli, what have teaching those kids?

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"Are you going to Harasho?"
Eli, what have teaching those kids?

"Maze of lilies?"
That's a Garasu no Hanasono reference? Eri sure has been teaching them sothing amazing.

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I don't know kids, do u believe in dreams coming true?

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What's an Ai Pee Ess?

That one took me a moment to get, lol. Also I like that Maki said "That's right." to all of the things they were asking.

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I also like this author's artstyle a lot, but more importantly those kids are amazing lol

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I love myself some pre-season 2 episode 4 Nico sibs. No one really does anything with mashing up SID's canon backstory with the anime canon sibs. Whenever I hear 'They have no father' (spoiler: he's dead), it's always with SID Nico sibs except with one exception. I love the idea of identical twins Cocoro and Cocoa.
The only downside to SID sibs is the fact that, there is no Cotaro.

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Well damn xD kids learn fast nowadays hahaha

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That was awesomely funny. XD

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"out of the mouth of babes......" I also like the art style and those kids are just adorable. I can't think of any other anime with such adorable, multiple siblings. And NicoMaki is the perfect pairing!

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ehhhh.. could be fluffier!
it's joke!

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Maki is already into the future. Now it just has to happen ;)

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