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Finally! A doujin about these two.

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I still can't understand the fame this duo had won, I mean, the mostly yuri I see of GuP it's from this pair, when Yukari and Erika exists.
Not complaning, just curious.

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Make-Out Tactics

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Oh dear, page 16. That's some 90s style hotness there (*°∀°)=3

Just a goddess with her guardian
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They are France, they are ally but they still kicking each other, that more than enough chemical for yuri to happen.

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Stan Miller is a stamp of quality each and everytime

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this was so cute THANK YOU

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Thank you for translating this

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Good read can't believe it's already March tho
Prob should start studying instead of reading yuri

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Good read can't believe it's already March tho
Prob should start studying instead of reading yuri

Wrong! Every month is yuri month! Allow your motivations and admirable desires of self-improvement fall to the wayside, for all that you need in life is yuri!

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Now this is some weapons-grade cute.

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I love this bookTwT they're so cute together! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

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Damn, that one was nice. I was expecting the move with the French lines, but it was super smooth when it hit.

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Subtle Kaworu reference

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I still crave Mio x Yukari doujin more than anything else, but these two are so gay it makes me really happy whenever I see another doujin has been translated

The chapter with Andou learning French was very good and funny and cute

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This got me into this pairing and reading the original series (the story really surprised me!)
But I'm confused by the blonde kinda racist comments??? Lol that aside I love this dj!!!!!!

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"She went and took a couple with another girl from her class" pg. 86

What the heck does this mean? I can't understand it. It's worded oddly. A couple what?

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From 0 to 100.

Well, at least she didn't let her get to the airport first, which is the usual cliche.

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^^^we fixed the funny pg.86 blunder, thanks for pointing it out.
^^dont worry, therell be more.

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This got me into this pairing and reading the original series (the story really surprised me!)

Same, I always somehow read the doujins first before I look into the series they are derived from.

My favorite is when Andou dressed up so classy like it shook me. Also, when Oshida told her she’d want to be her real girlfriend than a fake one, I almost swooned. Lastly, when they married each other, that was beautiful.

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Also, Mari is undisputed champion of being either an oblivious side character or an understanding wingwomen. I laugh every time I see her in this series.

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This ship is just so amazing. I am otherwise completely unfamiliar with the series, but I can never get enough of these two. Their designs and personalities work so well to make them a fun and adorable couple to watch. Now to hope some more of them gets translated because I've come across more in Japanese that I am eager to read.

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