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Looks like she doesn't abide coveters.

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I wish there’s more episodes.

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Honda's last inner monologue made me giggle.
"I'm scared that if she found out how I felt, our ambiguous relationship as it is would be over."
Hell yeah, it would absolutely be over. At least, the "ambiguous as it is" bit. The relationship itself would actually just kick into gear at that point. Geez, useless lesbians at it again.

I think she's referring to her past feelings. If Sakurai discovered that Honda has had a crush on her since middle school, she'll probably think Honda manipulated her into their ambiguous relationship. At least thats how i interpreted that last bit of dialogue.

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I didn't think it was possible to friendzone yourself... but that's just what happened...

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Me too, Morinaga, me too...

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Is that Popuko and Pipimi from Pop Team Epic in the three-legged race?

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Minami is a sick and twisted person.

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My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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That was adorable

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Hahah, what the heck xD So anticlimactic and yet satisfying :D Anyways, I'm glad that they've won :D

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Every reader right now.

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Minami-Sensei clearly needs to do something for poor Morinaga-Chan. Make a ship that ships ships.

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Lol by the end of the series when they finally go public about their relationship, everyone's going to go "yeah, we knew."

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Lol fuck this

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Friendzone goes brrrrr!

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ch 10, pg 17, "who will be the ones take" -> "to take"

The mood was so perfect and the mangaka had to ruin it with this cheap trope.......

This was one of my favourite ongoing manga but I'm actually done reading it, just gonna pretend we got the happy end we deserve and move on. There's no way whatever confession actually happens three years from now will have a better mood than what was just wasted in the name of cheaply drawing it out.

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ch 10, pg 17, "who will be the ones take" -> "to take"

Thanks for the catch. I've fixed that page in the zip file. Could an uploader please update the page here?

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...You know, I'd be annoyed if that twist wasn't so well done.

Welp, time to see how big this fan club is gonna get.

Every reader right now.

Imma borrow this screen-cap if you don't mind.

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I was already pretty on the fence about this series but this is just tedious at this point.

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Lol, well at least they moved a step closer. And at least they now got two wingwomen rather than one. And I'm already getting ready to ship the wingwomen xD.

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Wow I'm not sure if everybody acting like their all ticked off are just trolling or being serious. Frankly so far so good, and where it is written that a story has to end with romance in order to be good?

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I'm like strangely okay with this?
Like ordinarily I'd be pissed off that a connection go thwarted by the evil f word
But in this particular manga's case I'm okay with it.

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Useless lesbian, quiet but totally thirsty lesbian, and spectator lesbians. Nice. I hope the spectator lesbians get together too.

Wow I'm not sure if everybody acting like their all ticked off are just trolling or being serious. Frankly so far so good, and where it is written that a story has to end with romance in order to be good?

The story is still going to end with romance, though? This was simply done to artifically draw the resolution out for longer, not to get to a different ending.

I'm very serious about it ruining the manga for me - this trope, along with misunderstood confessions ("I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you!" "Wow, she really loves me as a friend, huh"), interrupted confessions (phone calls, people barging in), etc. - all of these plot devices have been used a thousand times by yuri mangaka and I'm absolutely sick of seeing them.

That's not to say that all tropes are inherently bad (this manga was very heavy on them in all regards, but I didn't mind). But this particular trope serves no positive value to the story. It's just a hacky way of delaying the climax when the author is too bad at writing to think of a legitimate way to extend the story that feels natural. And that's really the problem - it's very, very unnatural. It breaks suspension of disbelief and just feels so fake.

I've read some 2000 pages of the Adachi and Shimamura light novel, and it took a very, very long time to get to a confession. But I was fine with that because the story felt real the entire time. The author handled the long build-up to a confession in a very relateable way that felt like it could happen in real life the entire time. But this trope of girls blurting out "I have something important to tell you... I really want to be friends!!!" in a romantic atmosphere doesn't have one iota of believability to it. You can tell the author chose to write this dialogue because they didn't have any ideas for how to continue, not because it was the natural way for dialogue to flow, not because it was the best way to continue the narrative.

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