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joined May 24, 2014

Rin is such a naugthy kitty!

joined Jun 25, 2019

Does it look like the face of mercy to you ?

joined Nov 15, 2018

Maybe add a Maki x Nico tag?

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joined Feb 15, 2019

^ I was thinking the same thing, they even planned for their next date.

joined Feb 17, 2013

That was funny and cute :)

joined Nov 18, 2014

rin is super cute

joined Sep 13, 2018

the blushing rin moment is the most perfect thing ever.

The Dazzling Diamond
joined Dec 22, 2018

Oh my god. The last page killed me XD Hanayo wanting to protect Rin’s innocence is cute :) And Nico’s face when Rin said that was priceless. Rinpana is good indeed <3

joined May 13, 2018

Quality RinPana content, love those two. Also Nico's face had me rolling, you shouldn't have said that Rin XD

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Were is nicomaki

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