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Another cute chapter from Itou Hachi! So sweet ~

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Our favorite predator returns to devour lolis.

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Age gap check, Lolicon Check, Fluffy check. That's some good Itou Hachi here

GendoIkari Uploader
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Nicer neighborhood loli.

Isn’t there a series from this too? Along side these doujin?

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Well at least this time we knew what to expect

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This is so wrong, so cute, so wrong the art is so cute but so wrong, waaaa!!

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I bet they taste like saliva

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I have a phone call to make to the proper authorities.

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Hello Police, I would like to report a crime.
Yes, something this amazing is probably illegal.
What, you guys want to come and watch too?

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I´m calliing the cops and nobody is stopping me!

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Itou Hachi, Itou Hachi . . .

Just so . . .Itou Hachi.

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Thank you for the chapter! Did it really have to be 113mgbs though xD

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Thank you based Ito8

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Your friendly neighborhood Oneechan

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The final chapter is her getting sent to prison.

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brb getting arrested

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The age gap is way too huge.

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Itou Hachi has a real talent for stories that feel cute, fluffy, innocent, and also dangerous as fuck all at once. It's kind of amazing.

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Bottom-left panel on the third to last page: checks to make sure the blinds are shut and there are no flashing police lights outside

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This got a sequel YES

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It's always the same thing. Nice neighborhood oneechans get all the lolis. And, since they're girls and the lolis are also girls, they never run into trouble. Yup, yup.

If you don't believe it, just ask Minori and you'll see: it works peachy. (⁰͡ ͜ʖ⁰͡ )

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Hang on a moment guys, someone is knocking on my door

They sure are knocking hard....

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"Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners. Why don't you have a seat over there"

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I have a phone call to make to the proper authorities.

Moshi moshi, chris hansen

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