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Yay, Chamaji! I love how they draw every character's eyes differently. Also lol at how Reimu's casual chivalry(is that the right word?) inspired Akyuu to write an entire book.

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Kogasa is as Kogasa does

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This is how it really happens lol.

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Also, in case anyone was wondering, this is part of a long-running mostly silent 4koma series by Chamaji. It's been collected on Danbooru if anyone wants to read it all at once.

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so where is the sequel where they start dating

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Last page:
I'm sorry for reading your personal diary, basically.

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Oh, man, Chamaji. I used to read Chamaji's stuff on Danbooru, back when I read a lot of stuff there. And same on the eyes, it's super neat

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There's quite a lot of people living at the shrine now huh?

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i love the way Reimu hides her face with her hair ribbons. Also Suika being supportive of Reimu's... preferences.

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Great art. Loved it.

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The eyes look cool! Especially Suika's and Kogasa's

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