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Good post and also agreed

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Niceuuu Kanda-chaaan niceuu

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Well, with the reveal, it means it's nearing its end.

I thought this line of thought was faulty as a defense of perpetuating the single joke the series started on, and I still think it's silly now that the joke is over.

There are numerous comical romance stories out on the market that do not live or die on any one single joke built into their premise. Why do you think this one HAS to rely entirely on this one gag to continue?

It could continue on and be about them blundering through relationship challenges as a manzai comedy duo. Or Kanda could have to keep perpetuating the gender lie on Ookuma's parents in order to marry her, (or out of fear of reprisal) Or they could just be a cute lovey-dovey couple who gets into funny situations. Or a rival could show up that turns their world upside down, or any of a billion different comically oriented plotlines.

Yeah this series' comedy potential never actually depended on the lie, it was more of a crutch than anything else. Ookuma and her family's weirdness on its own is a great well of comedic material.

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This was kind of worth the wait.

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iVe been wAitin for thiS to happEn. TURN UP

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THATS A BIG FUCKIN STEP LMAO i was expecting them to just kiss XD welp anyway, cant wait to see how this plays out

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There is no redemption for 9 chapters of dragging this shit around.

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QFC stands for Quebec Fried Chicken. It's like KFC, except you can't order gravy separate, it only comes as part of the poutine.

And honestly I'm shocked this only dragged on for 9 chapters instead of like 5 volumes like some yuri manga. It's still just stalling, but it could be even worse. Especially with Mochi.
Also damn, the girlfriend is being really shitty about this.

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Also damn, the girlfriend is being really shitty about this.

Which is more believable: the guy you've been dating for literal months is actually a girl and has been pretending to be a dude the whole time or they're playing a bizarre joke on you? The confession being a weird prank is actually the less insane possibility here.

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ah shit here we go

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I'm happy with the direction this chapter is taking us it. Now to look forward to some more wholesome shenanigans from these two.

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Well! I'm glad the cat is finally out of the bag. I hope the series continues on, because I desperately love androgynous girls and Kanda literally fools (the albeit apply described sheltered) Ookuma into thinking she's a boy.It'd be fun to see their dynamic more too, especially given the big deal's happened and all. Plus I'm a sucker for girls realizing they're gay as fuck and struggling to accept that, though the tone of this series makes me doubt we'll get the latter half.

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Yeah I'm impressed it only took 9 chapters. I hope that bath goes well

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Every time I catch a glimpse of this title in the list of recent chapters I read it as "Handsome girls vs sheltered girl" and end up imagining an actiony, slightly spicy series à la Love/Death.

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Can we just all appreciate how willing Ookuma is, to go from 0 to max speed in an instant?

"We have to find the right place to kiss...? THAT RIVERBANK OVER THERE LOOKS PRETTY GOOD"


I love this about her and I sorta wanna see a lot more of it.

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Sheltered girl turned bad girl, kissing turned getting naked together, handsome girl turned.. handsome girl - shiz is getting REAL!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Holy heck it's happening insert The Office meme here
I'm so glad it's not a "one joke" manga like the title implies (like the first 90% of Bright Cheery Amnesia) and there's actual plot.

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The time has come.

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I am just so glad that the confession happened before the kiss, otherwise Ookuma could react differently (like feeling even more lied to)

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I thought she would say "idc whether you're guy or girl" but she sure took a different route. Straight to the bath we go! Yas girl, That's a great choice. Lol

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what the fuck we're actually communicating like humans? this never happens. gotta be a dream sequence. either that or the next chapter is the final chapter

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Well I’m glad she told her lol alright let’s gooo

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Mount up, boys. There's a doin's a-transprin'.

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let's go lesbians let's go

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What are the chances the next chapter is called "Two steps back"?

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