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... Why "Noma" and not "Noman"?

D-Noma = Dear Noman

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Wow, that was crossovers nobody asked for

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Wow, that was crossovers nobody asked for

And BocchiMou hasn't been translated yet, afaik.

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Wow, that was crossovers nobody asked for

And BocchiMou hasn't been translated yet, afaik.

It's over on Mangadex (not being uploaded here for various reasons)

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.... Best. Crossover. Ever.
KyaaaahSqueeee levels over 9000
All hail Neji

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Pi-chan's camouflage form is cute

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Oh man that extra was adorable

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Not exactly the ending I was expecting, but it was nice in a way. Maybe a bit rushed, but the story was complete at least. I liked it overall.

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That last chapter got me

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So, she has to wait a while for her wife to grow up i guess.

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Reversal of the highest order. That was fun, but I'm sad it's over. Hopefully the artist will tweet some updates of those two from time to time.

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Feels like these days all the stories i'm getting into are ending rather abruptly.

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Kinda rushed but i enjoyed it, it was a nice read.

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Now that Bazu has reincarnated, Mashiro is the onee-san next door and Bazu is the smol loli. A total Reversal, and this would be a fine point for Itou Hachi to step in, am I right? :))

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I'm sad this got axed because the rushed ending doesn't do the manga justice.

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i didn't see that ending coming lol but i like the age gap at the end :D

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Damn, I mean, that was as good a place as any to end the series, and it wasn’t a bad ending either (would’ve liked to see a bit more yuri, though), but that was a HARD stop right there. All known Nomans have moved on, Mashiro’s left without her powers, Bazu has become baby... Basically, just about every avenue for a continuation (even one made independently) has been cut off (save for potentially a Society spin-off with a new cast). I’m not complaining, but it would be interesting to hear what made Neji choose to put that fine a point on the series, since they had a pretty neat concept going with this one.

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well damn with all the stories getting axed it's no wonder why yuri can't spread out into mainstream media audiences

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Sis really said ":0"

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Wait, this got axed? fuggggg

Still, Neji handled rushed ending quite well imho.

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I'm really getting bored of those shit endings lately.... what a waste of time

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what a good ending, i hope a spin off more fluffy with Bazu-chan :D .

I liked the message of letting go of something you want. Well, she did not accept the death of her sister but she overcame all this way to learn to let go of what will not return. and whoever accepts Bazu's death shows her maturity. I love this manga ... I think it would help someone in a moment of grief, like me.

google traductor
ma confundio "her" por "his" procia yo llamo a Bazu (de cariño) Manca-onesan

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