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who the hell indeed??

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Holy shit, big thanks to the entire team but Mia really went above and beyond with this chapter, everything looked incredible.

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Gosh the typesetting nuts so hard

And 1000% that was not what i expected

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It always felt like there would need to be some kind of team up between Enormeeta and Tres Magia to fight against Venalita as the true BBEG, but I was absolutely not expecting a new trio to appear. Kinda weird that Vena doesn't recognize them since their outfits look so much like Enormeeta's. Does this mean that there's another cat-fairy-thing that also creates skimpy/evil transformations?

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While Vena's reaction exactly matching mine (I even said "Who the hell are you" before reading they said the same thing) was pretty funny, I'm not sure how I like introducing whole new 3 characters in such crucial moment. I guess it makes sense after what they went through and the state Baiser is in, even if Tres Magia and Enormeeta would join forces, they couldn't necessary win, but still I really hoped we'd keep it between them as now we get new characters that have no chemistry or connection to Baiser I'm not really invested in.

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thank you for another chapter!

But seriously, new character in a critical moment to solve a crisis? What is this, Naruto?

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I guess i shouldnt be surprised, its already been stated that Tres magia arent the only one magical girls in the world, lets see how this ends... Still another 3 months of painful wait

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This is probably a group that had their own mascot betray them to farm their magical power, but they actually won, and now they're going around the world saving magical girls and villains in the same situation. Probably will make Vena retreat and explain their whole backstory.

I only hope Magenta stays at least with some corruption in her after all of this, it looks so good on her and makes her actually interesting.

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Holy hell this chapter was craaaazy! Was left speechless during the Magenta parts. Author just keeps surprising me with how much they flirt the hentai line lol

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Oh I thought this was going to end but then 3 new characters got appear out of nowhere.The author has outdone themselves in terms of art as this chapter looked incredable. Thanks for all the redrwaws and translation.

I am glad J-Novel club has picked this up as coolmic IMO has been pretty terrible. They are really slow, have no desktop website and only do 10 pages a release. I have been buying "chapters" (10 pages of a 30 page chapter is not a chapter) on coolmic but I will reread this on J-Novel to support the author.

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I'm guessing these 3 new characters are a joint team up between "good" and "evil" magical girls that formed sometime in the past, and were assumed dead or got forgotten.

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Have to admit, Dark Magenta looked quite cool.

I would really like to see a physical release in English. Apparently J-Novel is doing their own translation as opposed to using whatever Coolmic was doing.

Sounds like it's for the best, and I'm glad a proper publisher is handling this now.

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Well… that’s a confusing place to bring the story. Gotta say, I’m still hoping for a big heroes/villains team up, but that seems to be growing more and more distant as the fight goes on. I’m not sure why you would take this opportunity to introduce 3 hitherto unmentioned new characters.

That being said, that fight was intense as hell. The visuals were insane, and I’m hoping that sword wasn’t just the end of the fight, and instead the start of a “round 2” where our leads can regroup and take the fight to evil Baiser.

On another note, I’m wondering if the introduction of this new trio means the series has a bit more life left in it then I originally thought.

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Some of ya'll thought this manga was nearing the end.

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The new characters definitely seem more Enormeeta in design than even the La Verita Magical Girls. Can't help but think back to how Lord's fate was left in limbo. Lord would also be the only one reasonably aware of the situation, and the only character established prior to this point without anything about their original identity being disclosed. Plus a motivation to mess with Vena's plans.

I'm cautiously optimistic that these characters aren't just completely random, but idk we'll see.

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I'm very curious as to where this is going to go, and who these new girls are. Their designs are interesting, and they seem to be in the know here. As others have mentioned already this chapter has crazy art, often genuinely creepy.

Thanks for the the translation!

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I really hope we get a paper English release. This series is absolutely one I'd grab physical copies of.

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Gosh I love this manga

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OOOOh baby it's happening!

I wonder if this is part of the theming stuff we've come to see--sort of how Lord's conflict with Baiser showed that the difference between controlling abuse and BDSM is about care and love, and that it's about a mutually-beneficial exchange of power rather than a zero-sum subjugation. Maybe this is set up to show that your raw desires, unrestrained by your principles and beliefs, can also be terrifying and harmful to yourself and those around you. We'll have to wait until the next chapter to find out!

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Aight but no one talking about Magenta with Sulfur? I’m guessing that’ll be the main ship for the magical girl side from now on. Honestly was expecting Sulfur with Azul considering Sulfur seemed to be a bit sadistic and obviously with Azul being a masochist could’ve been a nice dynamic but hey who knows. Also I’m assuming Magenta Sulfur will be the main ship cause it’ll probably be the case of Magenta’s desires were manifested when corrupted or something like that.

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This bothered me so much that I just had to create an account to comment...

Now just from where did these bitches come from!?

Although, judging from the fact that they have the heart-shaped transformation devices instead of the star ones (at least two of them do), they are magical girls. Anyway, while I do NOT feel these three's entrance, even though it does make sense, I sure do hope that is not the end for Uthena and Venalita, and most certainly NOT at the hands of these three new completely unrelated-to-the-main-cast characters. Because THAT would be a terrible end to an otherwise long build-up. This is what Vena and his intentions with Uthena have always been, as had has been hinted before. So, I would to want it to end just like that.

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I don't think this is the end, in fact, seeing three new characters just means (to me) new things to show. This is no different that the time Baiser came to the evil world and saw Big Sister, Loco Musica etc for the first time.

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Pretty crazy cap, I like the designs of new girls but.. Literally Who the hell???? Gotta see next chapter, but this does look bad into the "Deus-Ex" side

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Sorry, but i need to say this is wrong, morally speaking since they are underage

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