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"Not a shred of eroticism" eh?

I want my money back.

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There are Goddess women to shake off artist block. It's called a strip club.

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@SのM The girls looking at the paintings are characters from Mimoto's other works. Check out her pixiv page. About Grand Odalisque, a scientific study was done and it was determined that the artist must have deliberately painted an impossibly proportioned model. They figured 5 extra vertebrae, an impossibly tilted pelvis and one arm shorter than the other.

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My, my. I really forgot about this series.

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I really love the credits man~ the museum

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All I could think about while reading this is "glub glub" says Ophelia. It's from a joke study guide my old english teacher gave us when we studied Hamlet back in high school. It was the story of Hamlet in the style of the old Fun with Dick and Jane reading texts My friends and I found the Glub glub line hilarious. 30 years later I still chuckle when I think of it.

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I think these are really cool, thanks to all those involved. :3

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I really like the dynamic in this most recent chapter. Can anyone recommend any similar works?

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I thought the pair in the credits page, who were looking at The Weeping Woman were Mei and Yuzu. But then their uniforms' the same as the two girls looking at Mona Lisa (at least, Mei-look-alike and the dark-haired girl are wearing the same blue cardigan) so idk anymore XD

Those two are Mei and Yuzu and no-one's telling me any different

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This one's cute

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I really liked that Wounded Arm painting. l never really get art. People explain what a piece is suppose to mean, and how it's suppose to make the observer feel, and I just shrug, and think if you say so. But when I read the description of Wouned Arm I actually got it.

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This whole series is based on such a clever and interesting idea - and the fact that the individual stories still end up being good on their own is even better.

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This series needs more attention, everything about it is wonderful

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These are cute and I'm learning about art, win-win!

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I forgot what this Manga was about and then read the latest chapter so suprised

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Original, this is pretty amazing.

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Best one yet imo, girls like the mc are the real go-getters of the yuri world

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This is a real gem

OrangePekoe Admin
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The story went exactly where I wanted it to, and ended just in the nick of time. Really nice read!

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This 4th one was really good! Low-key, minimalist even, but still full of yuri goodness (and plot!).

There's at least 5 more to go, hurray!

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I want ch 4 to be it’s own series

Also, any updates on the horizon?

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Chapter 4 is amazing

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Chapter 4 is really good, I wish there was more of it..(´ω`)

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Isn’t chapter 5 just part of chapter 1 in color?

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Isn’t chapter 5 just part of chapter 1 in color?

It's more like a "remake" of the first segment of chapter 1. The paneling and the line art are different as well.

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