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nods very good chapter

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So... the closet returned to normal since she decided to come out.

Well, there was nobody in it anymore. :^)

Purple Library Guy
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Hate to say it, but I'm not a massive fan of the style of that painting it's based on. Guess I'm just not a modernist--I know the guy is deliberately going for that look, it's not like he didn't know how to draw, but it just doesn't grab me.

Nice story though.

joined Sep 28, 2021

I ended up rereading this entire collection from the start (I stopped at around chapter 4 or 5) after reading Chapter 15 on a whim. Two Girls Embracing is my favorite story so far

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Aw lads I was sweating my ass off, because knowing this collection I was not trusting that it'd be a good ending lmao.

I thought that because she saw that it was fine to go for it, she would uh, assert it more forcefully than one should, without the consent and all..

But yknow, it seems to be all fine and dandy, haha.. unless?

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Taking "getting out of the closet" to a new level

joined Apr 19, 2018

I love this collection!
The author keeps on trying a new genre (sub-genre? Elements?) in each chapter!
I haven't had this fun reading manga in a long time

joined Dec 20, 2018

And another one for the scarier side of this manga.

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Interesting that the artwork was used on a random side character this time, but of course it is very much in line with the mass-produced nature of idols as noted in the author's commentary; it did not matter who it was depicting. Not the darkest work in the collection, but still on that side of things definitely.

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Eww both are crazy...
Anyway, Next...

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Eww both are crazy...
Anyway, Next...

I agree

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That certainly took a darker turn that I wasn't expecting.

joined Aug 27, 2022

Is this yuri or fanaticism?

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Eyyy I knew this collection hadn't gone full wholesome!

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Is this yuri or fanaticism?

Fanatic yuri is a delight to read honestly

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Wow, what a cute ending to a great series. Thank you to everybody who translated this!

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Aw it's over. A great series though!

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Good ending too this little series. Also i noticed that it looks like that girl from chapter 13 wasn't actually eaten by her doll. Good for her.

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I liked how all previous couples were present at the end. Even the bad end ones.
Sad to see its conclusion but at least it made me appreciate art a bit more.
I may have to visit museums too.

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Now I'm curious if the little girl that gets killed by the doll just didn't have that happen here, or if this is before that actually happens.

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That was beautiful

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Man that was a freaking fantastic manga.
Thanks for the translation work!

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Loved this manga. Makes me miss wandering through museums precovid

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A fine manga worthy of being published stateside.

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"Aww, what a cute wedding scene!"
Sees the doll
"Oh no!"

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