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I have no idea what is going on, but that does not change the fact that this was adorable!

Mistress Trupin
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Hamburgers are a weak and helpless piece of meat trapped between two pieces of bread

I will never see burgers the same way again

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pg 18, "right her." -> "right here."

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The dynamic in this reminds me of that Yuri fairy manga. I approve, even though both are ooc.

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pg 8 for instant, i think it says instance?

Also this is the greatest thing I have read in a while. The jabs are pretty much non stop

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pg 8 for instant, i think it says instance?

They both work for the desired context.

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i think i want a sequel but with a normal sized yuri

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my native tongue isnt even english and i still see the amount of errors in this.

still , who cares , im here to look at cute yuris and nemos

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