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I liked seeing both sides of this Shiho character in these two chapters

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Gahhh, how does this artist draw both cute women and handsome women so well??

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Does anyone know if there is a subreddit of Whispering You a Love Song?

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Hell yeah, this is what I'm here for, a couple using their communication skills to figure out their problems together. I mean I like the drama sometimes, but this is just too darn cute.

joined Aug 31, 2017

aaaaa... the sweet smell of the communication ~

joined Nov 3, 2018

Super cute chapter, I'm happy they didn't dive straight away into the band battle plot.

joined Nov 21, 2019

What madness is this!? A couple in a yuri series that actually talk things out in order to clear a misunderstanding!?

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sweet ~~

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Page 32 is pure happiness.

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These two are fucken dorks and I love them.

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This chapter was so good! Glad the misunderstanding was solved by the end of the chapter.

joined Nov 11, 2020

ugh my heart-

joined Oct 1, 2020

This was the first chapter of this manga that really clicked with me. I'd never really loved this series at any point before- the art was pretty and the content was fluffy, but it always felt like it was lacking a distinct, central identity. But since it was one of the 'big' yuri series currently serialized and also one of the earliest ones I'd read, I followed it on instinct, and boy, am I glad that I didn't give up.

Kino and Yori really come into their own characters this time around- they feel like real, breathing, anxious people, with all the fluffy little SOL bits of character-building reinforced on the date. There's a very realistic flow to their dialogue and thoughts that I couldn't find before, a sense of emotion packed into every panel, and you can tell just how much Eku's art and storytelling has grown from the first chapters of this manga, which felt rather like Kirara 4-komas in their odd, disconnected flippancy. Now that this story's committed to exploring the two as a couple and giving us a peek into their relationships while also fleshing out the musical world, I am extremely hyped for what's to come.

It's been a great ride, but I feel like the fun's just starting.

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Yes yes yes communication!

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Local lesbians get nervous, but resolve problem
via communication. More at 11.

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And this is why you talk.

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Gosh, I love this so much.

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This is our chance y'all!

Here's info to enter:

(作品名) Title: ささやくように恋を唄う
(作者名) Author: 竹嶋えく
(出版社名) Publisher: 一迅社
(掲載誌) Magazine: コミック百合姫

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ugh, I'm getting diabetes from too much sweetness~

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Yori is a little bit too dense. Kinda makes suspension of disbelief difficult.

Not even a jock like Kase-san would screw up this much.

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Classic useless lesbians!

Nah but all jokes aside, I'm glad they actually talked it through.

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adorable useless lesbians~~

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This is a wonderful series. It's anime-worthy.

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This is a wonderful series. It's anime-worthy.

I agree with you on that one. I am very computer and tech sabby but i don't know how to make an anime at all and I suck at art but i can make my own music to go with something. Through out the chapters I have been reading I have made a mental anime of this manga and I can even hear their voices and I can see the cut scenes and the background music and everything else, I just wish I could work with an animator so I can finally create something that was my own idea and I can help out with any of the music side of things and maybe some of the looks of the characters and things like that so if you want to just hit me up if you know how to do anime and are good at art. My email is if you can do those things mentioned above and if your serious and want to make one.

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