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I read this the first time just now... and I have very mixed feelings about what I just read.
It does seem obviously cut short, but even then I got the impression that the author didn't sell me the relationship between Midori and Tsumugi very well, to the point I got the impression just like their classmates - they actually weren't all that close, just for some reason they both though they were, but never said that to each other properly. Maybe that's the point that we should instead focus on her relationship with Haru, but I actually didn't find that one all too interesting :P

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Alright I just finished Haru and Midori and it was okay. I really enjoyed premise and the theme of loneliness was well presented through the protagonists character making her very relatable; the plot of overcoming grief (as a daughter losing her mother, and as woman losing an absent love) was very well told. The art was very clean the characters were expressive. All that being said, the ending was rushed and limpwristed—most likely due to cancellation as hinted by the author. Which is a shame. The reveal that Tsugumi did see Midori as more than just another friend was touching and Midiro's prior sadness of thinking the opposite gave a lot of depth to her character and the actions she took towards Haru; Haru's facade of maturity—brought about by the absence of her parents during childhood—crumbling under grief and intimacy made for a compelling character narrative. The scene where Haru felt that in order to grow up and change she had to swallow her sadness and throw away her mother's things only to breakdown after Midori puts up the sentimental curtain was a good display of this. I also enjoyed how the circumstances of an orphaned girl living with a relative stranger never gets brushed under the rug for the sake of easier story telling: they remained awkward and unsure of how to approach one another (parent's evening, the final choice of her moving back with her aunt(which was stupid)). Unlike a lot of drama manga there were very few contrivances and every progression felt organic and natural: Haru learnt about her mother by going out of her way to go to her school; the conflicts are never built on misunderstandings; the letter at the end felt naturally and was found in a logical way and didn't serve to alter the path of the story. Overall, a good premise with well written characters that have interesting dilemmas that was cut short and rushed at the end. I'd still recommend it but it does make one feel a little sad the ending wasn't better

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I know this is a yuri forum and everything, but the people potentially getting squicked out by the age gape might remember that so far there hasn't been the slightest hint of romantic feelings between Haru and Midori. Yes, Midori probably loved Haru's mom, who Haru physically resembles, but Midori doesn't seem to have even realized the nature of her past feelings toward Tsugumi, let alone had any such feelings toward Haru specifically. And Haru still doesn't quite know what to make of Midori.

Given the nature of the pacing of this series (both of which I like a lot) there's a looong way to go and many developments to happen before there's any such thing as an age-gap romance.

(I do want Midori's mom back--she's one of my favorite yuri manga moms.)

People that get squicked out by age gap should learn to stop clicking things that are literally labelled age gap and then going all surprised pikachu over it afterwards.

That'd be nice, I think.


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I really loved the story and waited impatiently for every chapter, I'm not dissatisfied one bit but still I'd like it to develop more till they feelings really grow into a big sweet yuri) It would totally bacome a comedy then <3

I don't get how Tsugumi hasn't find a place to belong to with Midori, ran away but still thought something like I love Midori after friggin 10+ years wat the hell?! It's just surreal.

This is the best subtle yuri I've read this year <3 I wish the best of lucks to author :3

About Tsugumi, I mean, experience makes you wiser, she was looking for places where she belonged, she had that with Midori, but she still yearned for more, the big city promised to be a place of many opportunities, to belong. But in the end she never found a place to belong again (other than living with Haru in her hometown), still caught up in her time with Midori in middle school like Midori.

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I feel like i’m floating reading the end to this. I love this manga so much and appreciate a conclusive ending.

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