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This is the kind of subtext I like. =v=

At the very least I think it's already earned a yuri crush tag.

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Man this is a weird take on that Stevan King story

Bruh which Stevan king story does it remind you of? im actually pretty curious what it is

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alright this manga is wild

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the stephan king story about a stalker and an author is called misery

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I hope we get to see Nagi's backstory now. I need some drama. This is too smooth for me xD

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This is so good

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Well I... okay. Sure. This seems silly but it might be worth hanging around for. I’m not taking my shoes off yet.

takes shirt off

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I kinda wanted it to be more edgy about the entire stalker/pet thing. Right now it's all mellow feel-good stuff; except being a tiny bit protective and having crappy exes.

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Bruh which Stevan king story does it remind you of? im actually pretty curious what it is

Not them obvs, but they're talking about Misery. Horifically disabled writer whose life is taken over by a stalker 'rehabilitating' them and pushing them to write her ideal story.

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She rich with that black card man..

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So the stalker is quite rich? Huh

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Well... for some reason I hadn't seen this one before the plethora of chapters released yesterday... so let's have some impressions as I read...
Chapter 1: Alright... that happened... Exhaustion can lead to some strange life choices, but it's clear that the hottie wanted to be taken home... Homeless? Into B&D? We'll see soon...
Chapter 2: Well, that explains a LOT! Chi-chan is an author after all... she's bound to have fans. So this one is a bit more fanatical than others. But, on the bright side, she cooks and cleans really well and she's got that healing vibe to her, so... WTF, right?
Chapter 3: She has a point... It's much better knowing that she's a stalker NOW than finding out later. And she doesn't seem to be the yandere type of stalker. She seems like the type who wants to make her favorite author's life better, including helping her get over her writer's block... and wash her back if she lets her...
Chapter 4: I think I have to side with Nagi on this one... Chi is looking a bit unhinged there...
Chapter 5: So... Chi has no social skills and can't handle dealing with her editor... She really should have just brought along Nagi...
Chapter 6: Hmmm.... The editor is a creeper... Nagi is rich AF and saw through him in a second... unfortunately she told him what he was doing wrong...
Chapter 7: Chi's self-esteem issues clarified a bit... Nagi gets bashful when Chi is drunk... and somebody seems to have recognized the rich girl?

Oh look! It's that pet shop keeper again!

Don't think so. He had totally different hair.

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BRB getting myself a stalker

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So, stalker-san is rich, I love it when a black card shows up. Editor likes Chi-chan,aww that was kinda funny for me. It's somehow not as creepy as it should be..based on the premise..then again since Chi-chan so easily accepts her stalker/pet, it cannot longer creep me out, like ever, it's somehow normal. I wanna see how it goes

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I'm wondering why there is random french here

In the original, they're pretty much saying "what" and "together" in weirdly pronounced Engrish.

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Woah. This was an amazing trip so far. Let's get ready for another round!

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alarms sound

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Pretty simple: call the police on that ex-bf and tell them he’s a stalker!
Unlike Chi-Chan’s case, Nagi deserves to have that Ex arrested cause she broke up with him and probably told him no several times.

Also could use the Editor card and have him clean up the Ex-bf cause he did offer on that phone call.

Well it will interesting to see what Nagi does instead of the above cause expert stalker vs scumbag newbie stalker.

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an Universe where this actually happened to the mangaka and she's writing about it like Chi-chan is writing about it and... * inception *

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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dammit, I want a girl like Nagi who loves and cares for me and repairs me emotionally

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cool, so thats yuri version of scott pilgrim plot?

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cool, so thats yuri version of scott pilgrim plot?

But with the lesbian ex-gf being the mc

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I'm more interested in know how does Nagi chose her partners... Does she have a thing for losers? You sure can see a pattern there (a musician and a writer).
Well, I bet she fall in love with their first work, when they were full of life or really inspired. They must had thought they could make a live with just their first great hit and Nagi's money and never made any real progress on their career...

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Hmmm....I see a guy that is a scumbag

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