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Good news for the frenchies, we've got a physical release for May. Amazon link

Edit : Also Sayonare Rose Garden and Ohana Holoholo.

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If you just finished reading the latest ch: Spare yourself a headache and don't read the comments.

Oof, too late..

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WOW the artwork is insanely good. The story was...a little strange LMAO but I gasped when I saw the wedding panel. So beautiful

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Dunno if you know, but the author of this wonderful series has just won the first prize in the "Eikyuu Shoujo Shinkou" contest for yuri graphic novels, with her manga "Sore wa Shoujo no Zettai Jouken" (which more or less means "This Is The Eternal Girl Creed").

Amusingly enough, the subject is also photography. More exactly, photographers and their models falling for each other. Yeah, just like in Luminous=Blue. ^.~

It's been already translated to Spanish. If you're interested, there's more info here.

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^ That title sounds like something out of Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I think that's excellent. Anyway, I'm glad they've written another story with similar themes- I absolutely loved Luminous=Blue, but it definitely needed more time to develop (ha ha). Considering that this new work's award-winning, I'm guessing the author finally got the freedom to express their full potential. Hope we get an English translation soon.

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I'm sure it will get translated to English before long. Award-winning manga always attract lots of attention.

Word of warning, tho: I've read it in Spanish and can tell you that the story doesn't have a happy end. :/ Many readers were disappointed... and are loudly demanding a second part with a waffier conclusion...

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^ Isn't it typical? Literary judges don't like feel-good stories with happy endings. Awards always go to sad & tragic stories.

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Everything was fine until the ending. I'm not used to that at all, and the conclusion did feel rushed.

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Never realised it till now but does having the polyamory tag a spoiler?

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Never realised it till now but does having the polyamory tag a spoiler?

For manga that are completed over a year ago, they're really only found when specific tag searches are used, or they're featured. [Especially] given that this manga has a rather unusual tag, it seems better to go with the proper tagging to allow folks looking for Polyamory to find the content they want.

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I wish the girl that fell in love with Tarumizu would somehow fall In love with Hayama :(

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im all for love triangles resolving into polyamory, but i will admit it kinda came outta nowhere in this instance. thematically, the story was definitely leaning towards 2 separate pairings in kou+nene & amane+hayama, so to suddenly be hit with both the full extent of hayama's socially-destructive actions & an unforeshadowed poly resolution in the last chapter is a bit much.

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Well she definitely took in love with this couple to a literal sense

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voyeur jk I loved this story and the polyamory was appropriate but I kinda feel bad for that senpai that liked Amane. I think that Nene X Amane was the strongest pairing so if Kou is happy with not being liked as much by those two then that is fine. Happy end!

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Nene was so selfish that she lost the chemistry she had with the other two girls. I like the concept of seeing a love story through the eyes of a main character, I don't like the execution. The relationships needed more development. Nene hurt Amane through the whole story and did nothing to redeem herself and prove she was worth Amane's affection. Amane deserved better.

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Polyamory AND a random lizard tag?? Christmas came early this year for me. This was actually super cute.

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the art style's top tier. the ending felt a bit rushed. i wanted to see how Amane would fall in love with Kou and i was also lowkey expecting Hayama to join the poly but all in all, i love it. i need more polyamorous yuri.

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freedom for love

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