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I feel this would've been much better with 1-2 more chapters, rather than oneshot, but we obviously won't get that. Ending is open enough so people seeing yuri everywhere have solid arguments just as rational folks saying they're just staying as friends. Art is the only thing that stands out here, imo.

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Arisa is so cute. They both are, but especially her. Made the angsty parts that much more painful.

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Angst + het are the worst but I'm glad they got a cute ending.

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could have used a more explicit end , i guess they're be together forever i guess duhh

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I don't see the yuri end at all, to be honest. The friend just realized she has being inconsiderate, which doesn't mean she loves the MC. And even the MC seems resigned to be just friends at the end.

Altair Uploader
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To counter the negative reviews... this story is great. Intense emotions, and a fun end where Fuwako saves their friendship when Arisa tries to end it. Catastrophic ending avoided.

As for a yuri ending, I feel the lot of you lack the proper yuri philosophy of the great Ano Fuji.

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Arisa (eating food): "I like home-made better. Fuwako, make it for me next time"
"Will you be my wife?"

Fuwako (tears in eyes): Okay!

(Arisa is crying of happiness, thinking about buying jewelry box with a ring, to propose "properly", next time.)

That's really sweet manga. But many people missed the point. Hope this explanation-"translation" helps.

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bad end?

riverFlower Uploader
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This really doesn't read like a proper happy ending. They're not together. All the last page indicated is that they'll remain friends and at least Arisa won't have to hide her feelings anymore. The earrings became a symbol of her feelings, and by hiding them in the jewelry box, she attempted to hide those feelings. When she says that she's going to get a new jewelry box without a key, all that means is she can have a new chance at her friendship with Arisa, one where she can be more open about her feelings. In an even more optimistic reading, it means she would potentially move onto, naturally love somebody else and find a new "jewelry box".

After realizing what the ending is about, I still feel like it's a good story. But it's definitely a bittersweet one, and not meant to be a happy yuri one. Also Arisa doesn't come off as being the most sympathetic character here, given how she maliciously hides the earrings and feels no regret later. She's quite selfish here, and I don't think she deserved Fuwako. Even Fuwako forgiving and then helping her out so fast is a bit cringey and personally not to my tastes, although inevitable given the context of Fuwako's character.

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when that happens between adults it hurt even more ...... omg

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The story may be open-ended, but their were 2 important resolutions. 1. Arisa has been sitting on feelings that ate her up for 5 years until she did something jerky. Now that she said it the burden has been lifted. 2. Fuwako still wants their relationship to continue, whatever form it takes. I like the way it turned out.

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I dont get the end... did they ended up together or stay as friends?... Cause the "I want to be with you forever" sounds like she liked her after all but cant explain to myself why she was excited about her dating the dude... anyway somehow maybe it was a happy ending(?)

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Can y'all not see that they're just staying as friends? Jeez, take off the yuri tinted glasses for 2 seconds, c'mon y'all.

On a separate note, the long haired girl surprised me with how much she actually loved and cared for her friend in the end. Even when the black haired girl kissed her and told her never to come back, the long haired girl treasured their friendship so much to the point where she just came back.

Rip black haired girl's feelings
Mvp brown haired girl's friendship
Honourable mention: Date-kun for existing in like 1 panel lmao

Lmao ur comment

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After "I'm Getting Married", the Het tag seems kinda unneccessary in this one since we never even see them kiss.

Then there shouldn't be a Yuri tag too. Because it isn't.

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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Yeah, I don't think they ended up together. She was just being a good friend considering how long they've known each other (forgiving is a thing, people). It's one of those stories with a good ending, but not the best ending that everyone wants.

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