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Bitten by a dog huh? What an ass

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Just kiddin i love this

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Wooooooo... Yeah. That's...

That's what's up.

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Well, that girl definitely has some problems.

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That was very, very nice. My only complaint is that it wasn't 50 pages longer.

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That was oddly wonderful...

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Well that started nice then went straight to psycho town, but I guess if she's happy its okay.

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i smell an abusive relationship lolololol

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...That wasn't what I expected...she dates a girl and it's a toxic relationship... awesome...not!


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Bisexual...hmmm, from Nekomura...hmm, i`ll avoid this...
I got very triggered by this story
Pd. Toxic relationship...
Really i feel dissapointed and surprised that Nekomura draw this...

The fact that mc is bisexual is like, what matters the least in this story.

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I liked this story. Nekomura is one of my favorites. YES, this is a little fucked up but I kinda liked the way it happens. The kouhai really loves her and gets pissed hearing about her past relationships and well... really "marked" her girlfriend.

Nekomura's mostly works are gentle and heartwarming but you can see she like some little dark details here and there.

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how can something start good and go downhill in just one page

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Compared to the previously scanlated entries in this anthology, this almost counts as a happy ending.

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Creepy but not painful to read. I liked it
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Intoxicate me now, with your loving now =]

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that was creepy
cute art... but creepy

van gogh's issues

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Did she like ACTUALLY bite her ear off? That's MAJORLY disturbing to me. This needs a Creepy tag.

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Also, its MC's who asked every lover she had to mark her with a piercing.

This one REALLY wanted to "mark" her.

You can understand that all her past relationships were futile and now she found someone who REALLY love her.

But yes, it's crazy stuff.

Take a look at this one:

Nekomura is a incredible artist who draws sweet things but don't be surprise to see some things like this too.

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Wonder if there is any overlap between people freaking out about this and the people defending lolicon/incest in other threads. :P

More seriously, lovely story and art, but good sweet merciful Mary can you imagine how awful these two breaking up would be?

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Tyson-chan... This really did feel predatory.

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Did she like ACTUALLY bite her ear off? That's MAJORLY disturbing to me. This needs a Creepy tag.

Obviously not, it's just bandaged XD

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Asking as one of the failures of humanity. Is breaking up that bad? To me it's something that is bound to happen anyway, so why would they get sad/upset? When someone broke up with me, the first thing i do was check how long that relationship lasted, it once was my little hobby, lol.

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People need to chill. Nekomura just pushed the story line of being in love/ being possessive. I think it is understand that there are sometimes human desires to own/love someone so much you want to scrub every single evidences of the past of this person. So they just belong to you. It is selfish and downright creepy. Doesn't mean nekomura cannot explore the dynamic through manga medium

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I read that as "its not about being slick" instead of "its not about being cute" and that video of earl sweatshirt just plays in my head

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