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For anyone feeling confusion after reading it initially, feel free to check out Bakkin's interpretation below.

Prepare for tl;dr Wall-o-Text
From Bakkin's site.

The story is somewhat confusing, so I'll try to provide some background information as best as I can. Since these characters do not have names, I'll be referring to them as Ponytail Girl, Short Hair, Long Hair, and Secret Girl. I've included images of the previous issues' covers to help with the explanation.

The story begins with the first page, the January 2012 Cover (Pure Girl). We learn that the girl on the cover (Ponytail Girl) is interested in the girl in the classroom (Short Hair). On the back of the cover (page 2), we learn that Short Hair has some sort of relationship with another girl (Long Hair). Since they appear to be putting their clothes back on, it implies that these two girls had sex. On the third page, the March 2012 Cover (Precious Friends), we learn that Ponytail Girl is friends with Long Hair. Inside this volume (page 4), we see Long Hair gazing at Ponytail Girl. This either means that Long Hair has feelings for Ponytail Girl (wants to be more than just friends), or is thinking about when she had sex with Short Hair (which was performed on Ponytail Girl's desk). On the 5th page, the May 2012 Cover (Jealous Girl), we see Long Hair looking at Short Hair from a distance, with a concerned look on her face. On the back of the cover (page 6), we learn that Short Hair is in a relationship with a fourth girl (Secret Girl). On the 7th page, the July 2012 Cover (Blue Tears), we see Long Hair and Short Hair at the aquarium, presumably on a date. However, Short Hair doesn't seem interested at all, having all her attention on her cell phone. On the eighth page, the September 2012 Cover (Sound of Silence), Long Hair and Ponytail girl are at some kind of festival together. Long Hair has a surprised look on her face, because she sees Short Hair with Secret Girl (9th page). Finally, this month's issue concludes the story.

To summarize:

– Ponytail Girl has feelings for Short Hair
– Short Hair and Long Hair had sex (implying they are in a relationship); Ponytail Girl doesn't know about this
– Ponytail Girl and Long Hair are best friends (Long Hair may want to be more than just friends though)
– Short Hair and Long Hair are dating
– Short Hair is in a relationship with Secret Girl; Short Hair is cheating on Long Hair
– Ponytail Girl and Long Hair go to a festival, where they see Short Hair and Secret Girl together
– Long Hair asks Short Hair why she is still with Secret Girl (Implying that Long Hair had previously asked Short Hair to break up with Secret Girl. Whether or not this is before or after Short Hair and Long Hair started dating is up for debate)

And in the comments on the blog site, somebody expounds a bit:
Long hair liked ponytail but as they were friends (of the same sex too) she was afraid to confess and get rejected
-She was jealous of short hair because ponytail seemed to like her. Apparently ponytail used to speak about her all the time. Pay attention to this detail because it will be important later.

Short hair was already going out with secret girl

Long hair was afraid of losing pony tail so she went ahead and seduced short hair. She was successful.
-Apparently she already knew about secret girl so she blackmailed short hair into going out with her.

-This is where it starts to get shady. Why the hell would she go ahead and seduce short hair? She probably wanted to make pony tail jealous and somehow by seducing short hair she would keep pony tail for herself. She also had sex with short hair on top of ponytail's desk so it's obvious she had ill intentions.

Long hair in some kind of prolonged revenge went and told ponytail stories of how she and short hair were so lovey dovey. She knew short hair was going out with secret girl so when she saw them again together, she told her to dump her. During this time she might have or not fallen in love with short hair, it's also highly possible she wanted to keep fooling ponytail by pretending everything was ok with short hair and that they were still lovey dovey.

Long hair and ponytail went to the festival together and this is when it starts to get ugly. Secret girl calls long hair out by saying the one she was interested in pony tail, short hair reveals the “blackmail”, secret girl breaks up with short hair (pay attention: MAKING HER SINGLE), pony tail ends her friendship with long hair and we are left with a “crying” ponytail and a shorthair with a broken heart. We see a smile on ponytail's face and the story ends right there.

What does that smile mean? Ponytail obviously planned everything out. In her flashbacks we see she knew about short hair and secret girl going out. Long hair didn't know that pony tail knew about the relationship between those 2, so that's why this worked. This might be stretching it a little but we all know that smile means “just as planned”, here's how it happened:

-Ponytail likes short hair but short hair and secret girl are going out. How can she break them up without getting her hands dirty in the process?
-She has a friend and she knows that friend doesn't see her as a friend only.
-She knows that even if she is able to steal short hair, long hair is going to get in the way
-She knows her very well so she starts by purposely talking about short hair to make long hair jealous
-The plan works and long hair is now “dating” short hair
-Mysteriously, they end up going to the same festival that short hair and secret girl are attending
-A fight starts, secret girl breaks up with short hair then ponytail ends her friendship with long hair.
-Ponytail comforts short hair and smiles deviously knowing she has finally gotten what she wanted in the first place.

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That was one sinister looking smile at the end.

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That was one sinister looking smile at the end.


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I would love for this to expand

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they remind me of nadeshiko's harem lol and damn that smile in the end, she also reminds me of megumi which I'm rooting for to be nadeshiko's girlfriend.

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What a convoluted way to make your love interest available (and vulnerable), but when you're a ponytail-sporting master manipulator, what else are you going to do for fun?

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Love it. It isn't perfect, but it's easily better than the 90% standard yuri.

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I love the way Namori does eyes. Excellent artist. Very strange and dark stuff. Pity this won't get expanded on more. Maybe the script would not have been so stiff if she had been able to tell it the standard way.

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this is.. uhm..this is.. err..(i cant think of any words to say. rofl)

well, this is.. err, heartbreaking? at least for the secret, short and long hair girls..and i was like "0.o' when i saw "Happy End" LOL.
and yes, that sinister smile.

this isn't the usual yuri that i read, so it caught me off guard but the whole thing being messed up and dark is what made this good..

thank you for this :D

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Strange I always see these covers but I never knew it had a story behind it...

So the pony tail girl was manipulating her friend in a way, she did have that smile at the end o-0? Lol these characters are fked up. But I actually felt bad for the long hair even though she started all this crazy shizz

Pretty dark stuff, thanks for this :D

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I liked it but it felt like it was condensed or cut short for some reason.. almost like a page is missing in a way.

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I also thought a page was missing or that at any moment the flashback would happen to explain things. I figure enjoy the art when lost. :)

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the covers of yuri hime by namori are all masterpieces, i have said this yet when i didn't know they was part of a story,

especially the one at acquarium with the girl behind that look at the phone

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What a convoluted way to make your love interest available (and vulnerable), but when you're a ponytail-sporting master manipulator, what else are you going to do for fun?

...ponytail sporting master manipulator is spot on...

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What a convoluted way to make your love interest available (and vulnerable), but when you're a ponytail-sporting master manipulator, what else are you going to do for fun?

I love the way Namori does eyes.

Because any mastermind who worth their salt are the ones that have cute eyes and sporting ponytail...

Little known fact: She was the one who taught Lex Luthor anything he now know.

Namori is one hell of genius artist. The art and the story is always top notch.

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HA! That sneaky little brat. Well played.

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perfect candidate for evil overlord

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Your avatar makes this comment even better XD

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that smile was somewhat yanderish :D

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Wah... Whatta bitch....!!!

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That was deep. I had to read it a couple times before it really made sense. And that smile seriously changes that character from the simple friend with a crush to the psycho manipulative mastermind. With that, the only innocent one left is the wavy haired one.

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...this is the first time i read this kind of thing by's heart breaking not like the other's he/she made and also quite dark...but still,it's interesting...i love the manga...

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Did it get chilly in here or is it just me?

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That Ponytail--sounded so yandere-ish.
Poor short-haired girl and the secret girl.
So the cover stories did tell a story ..DDDD;

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