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This was cute~

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Yama no Susume meets Nanoha.

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This was cute and a nice story and Fuka you have rinne watch what you are doing XD

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Einhart x Vivio = Absolutely Cute Gay Fluffiness

I dare you guys to change my mind.

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I am a little confused about where the hike took place. I was pretty sure Earth (Non-Administered Planet #97) was more than an hour from Midchilda, and of course Nanoha met Fate in her friend Suzuka's backyard ('s forest). I suspect there's some errors in there, whether original or translational.

Eh, but who cares, this cuteness is justice.

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I think there were some minor errors on translation, like using Midgard instead of Midchildna, or naming the place "where Nanoha meet fate" when Earth is an NAP and this one clearly has a space port of sorts. It may habe been "a place where Nanoha and Fate once meet for X or Y".

Rant over, now to gush all over the fluffiness!

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