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Or when we used to take windowpane directly into the eye with an eyedropper!

windowpane /ˈwɪndəʊpeɪn/
1.a pane of glass in a window.
2.a broad flatfish with numerous dark spots, found in the western Atlantic.

I see what you did there....
Sounds unpleasant, even if it works ^^

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I want a fried egg hat..

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Aww, these two were especially adorable this chapter. I'm really hoping for a happy ending for them, but then I remember who the author is and.......

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Love the Truman Show reference

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Yuriloveisbestlove posted:

Aww, these two were especially adorable this chapter. I'm really hoping for a happy ending for them, but then I remember who the author is and.......

Hey, those potatoes are happy even in their "Afterlife" as you can see very well here.

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I had kinda written off the "simulation" part of the title as an "English is cool" kinda thing, even with the dreamworld stuff and whatnot, but if tkmiz is just up and referencing the "Truman Show", I'm beginning to change my mind.

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Huh, that was a surprisingly normal chapter. Kinda worrying if that's foreshadowing, though

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The Neighboring Town™

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I always thought the simulation was the one town and the one town only. Its embiggening changes everything.

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I had shimeji for the first time today, in a noodle soup. Not bad.

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topological musings eh

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That hole digging metaphor has become quite deep.

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"Shimeji-chan's the only one who can make me feel good now..." - let's face it, she knows exactly what she's implying there. :D

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topological musings eh

"A hairy donut, on the other hand, is is quite easily combable."

Things I did not expect to have to think about while reading manga. But that's tkmiz for us I guess.

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God is comming on the next chapter, right? I want to see God and Shimeji's sister together-

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topological musings eh

Little things like this just remind me why I love this manga so much.

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I'm interested in whatever going on in Tkmiz's brain right now.

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The longer this series go on, the more I feel like it's some big puzzle that's impossible to solve. Like, it's been absurd from the start, but it keeps adding layers to its absurdity and giving it a sense of internal logic.

Does this mean there isn't a new full chapter this month?

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I couldn't relate harder to that final line in the narration.

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I think the main point of this story is not to understand it at all. You just enjoy the ride and the fun it brought.

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