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this reminds me of love/death

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And she died.

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this reminds me of love/death

Ah indeed.

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this reminds me of love/death

I see what you mean... But Love/Death was two people who loved each other too damn much and were violent in a comedic way, whereas one of these two is just a bitch.

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this reminds me of love/death

Was just gonna say that

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LOVE/DEATH 2.0 right down to the quote at the end.

Only difference is that if Akki or Shouko were cheating on one another, there’d be a tremendous loss of life and property.

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Ugh can’t get enough of delinquent yuri. I can feel the love/death vibes. They should just kill each other by having insane amounts of hand holding

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how come.......?

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Shitty girlfriend.

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Hey impressionable kids don't do this.
I hate how people(read. Artists) portray cheating romantically when betraying your lover is the best way to show that you don't respect them as a person.

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What an abrupt end. I was expecting at least a little development. Okay then...

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Too short. It does get the point across, but as someone who does enjoy stories that focus on cheating and unhealthy dinamics, I would have liked to see more of those two's relationship.


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Well, ain't that the picture of a healthy relationship.

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Love/Death: Bitch Edition

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Yep, that was plenty twisted alright

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I love yuri, but I also love gore/death guro even more.
Why not has both?

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Okay then

I love yuri, but I also love gore/death guro even more.
Why not has both?

please no

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this is not sweet. I don't like bitter :((((

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You know what... I'd be into this sort of relationship interplay if I could physically get jealous. I love it when my SO twists me around her little finger.

Also Kids... in response to all the comments above. Do whatever you like in relationships (with consent when it comes to the sexytimes of course), especially your early ones. It's the only way you learn what your boundaries and standards are.
Some people think 'cheating' is some sort of betrayal of trust. Maybe. But everyone has a different approach to intimacy and the best thing to do is discover your own.

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one of those messed up couple I see lmao

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This site is funny because cheating pisses more people off than chomo shit

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