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I need more of this

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A sequel would be nice

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we need more gay for pay manga.

First Tamamusi and now this
So yummy!

this is the only manga that made me think about how fukin awkward itd be to end up fukin ur friend who u didnt know was gay

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Looks like there are a bunch of short stories like this on the artist's twitter, would love to see more.

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Going through the authors twitter, looks like there's a full 20 pages of this couple! Looking forward to seeing the rest :)

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what? So short! Need moar!!!

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She seemed really unfazed by seeing her friend, surely at least you would be a little surprised?

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This artist already had a page on Dynasty,
It's Yogentei

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This title sounds like a news headline about the hardships of students lol.

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shadesan posted:

I wonder what the tutorial entails...

I love the fact they actually have one.

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Moreeeeee chapter author please


Me too( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"Well, whatever."

Prostitution. No big deal to the modern girl anymore =)

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Surprisingly W H O L E S O M E
I love it <3

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Should have been more surprised because I know I would if I was her xD nice concept tho, we need more gay for pay manga

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Not really like prostitution (neither yuri/yaoi or het), but this was cute, too short but cute.

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This needs a sequel or to be turned into a series. It's too adorably lewd-cute to remain as a oneshot.

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do they have sequel... if they do, any link to the raw

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I suspect classmate/client may have hacked MCs employment search results. Lol

Can’t wait for the sequel, “Poor College Student Becomes Kept Woman to Classmate.”

But she was a regular, just your regular lesbian who orders call girl delivery. Would you consider this take out or dine-in?

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"Met my fellow student on a lesbian call girl site."
Had they been sisters as well, and I'd have believed this was made by Mochi

EDIT: Is "gay for pay" an appropriate tag in this case? We don't actually know if she wasn't gay to begin with, and seemed pretty chill over the idea.

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Raydistance consistently picked up the fun stuff! If you guys wants check out their wordpress, some of their translation works are not uploaded here!

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This is ended up better than expected. I wonder how their friendship will develop after this - will they become a couple or continue just having sex under payment?
(Also, this author turns out to be Yogentai, the person who wrote this gem )

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I’m not really much of a fan of hentai or Mira-level shlick-fests (which this is not, by any means), but for some reason I find the yuri-top catchphrase “[Something something something] and you’re already this wet” to be quite amusing, so I appreciated Classmate/Client-chan’s lewd in-progress commentary.

Not exactly the phrase, but in the neighborhood.

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Girl 1: "What, you are gay?"
Girl2 : "And you gay for pay?"

What a nice coming out, between friends...Author is brilliant.

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