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Aaaargh! Nikaidou SMASH editor!

Murder is still a crime last time I checked.

Also, this editor is an idiot, an artist can't just change their artsyle, and you shouldn't force the mangaka to fit the manga, make the manga fit the mangaka.

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Nikaidou-san is going to splash some blood tonight...

joined Mar 23, 2019

I understand the murderous intent in those eyes too Nikaidou-san. HOW DARE THE EDITOR MAKE YOUR WOMAN CRY LIKE THAT!!

Hope she gets them fired some kinda way.

joined Apr 2, 2013

Or just get a new publisher with a weekly publication that will make the first one go bankrupt.

joined Apr 30, 2014

The moment I saw that editor I immediately knew he was an asshole.

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Now I am depressed.

joined Nov 6, 2018

You guys think something like that actually happened to Tatsubon?

joined May 8, 2017

Does this happen a lot in real life?

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Wow, that took a pretty sharp and sudden turn for the serious drama.

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Self publish, take the book to comiket.

Alice Cheshire Moderator
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Gamer40000 posted:

Aaaargh! Nikaidou SMASH editor!

Murder is still a crime last time I checked.

Only if you get caught. Do you really think Nikaidou would be that sloppy?

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knite posted:

The moment I saw that editor I immediately knew he was an asshole.

Well, is a guy in a yuri after all >_> ......... lo/ just kidding haha, but I saw something like this happening in another manga recently (not yuri) so I'm extra mad.

In reality, an editor won't tell you to change your entire style but they'll be merciless when it comes to mistakes or characters that simply put, don't work. After all, you wouldn't want to finally get serialized just to get axed before reaching 10 chapters, right?

A good example would be My Hero academia, this is Deku original look, before serialization

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Oh no she cryin.. life tho

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Well, that's one dead editor...

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So Nikaidou is actually a princess from hell, which is why her family owns stuff like "Purgatory Publishing". And she'll sentence that editor to suffer eternally.

joined Feb 9, 2019

Nikaidou will end that editor.

joined Jan 23, 2016

Sick'em Nikaidou

joined Mar 4, 2018

I foresee that editor having his insides on the outside.

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Wow, that editor is kind of an asshole.

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Unfortunately this kind of thing is a reality for manga artists in Japan who get a chance to publish their works for money. Editors employed by magazines have a lot of power in asking/demanding artists to do things and make alterations based on what they believe, rightly or wrongly, will increase its popularity/saleability. I feel some genuine frustration leaking out of Tatsubon with this one.

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Good. Cheer up your girlfriend! ^_^

patreon model ftw

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That damn editor!...

Handing out torches and pitchforks ! Get your pitchfork here!

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Sunday date = kill the editor.

Nikaidou finally flips the switch. "What's wrong Tadokoro-san? Have you never seen a corpse before?"

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