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You know you're sleep deprived when you read the first text box as "Yuzuki is an employed, productive adult, with one lone shoelace."

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That was so fucking cute oh my god

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I got diabetes

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Warp speed, Mr. Sulu! (I'm trying to say: that was fast)

Edit: So, when's the break-up?

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This is GREAT and wow that nsfw especial will be invaluable !! Thank you very much for translating this

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this is too good to be true :")

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Mio's parents are awesome!
If I was an adult dating a high-schooler I totally would do xxxx and xxx! Yuzuki your lost!

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Damn this is hot. I could use about 45 more chapters. Seductive younger girls are one of my weak points

Just a goddess with her guardian
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Is this...the end?

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I really hope there's more xDD

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This is too precious.

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This is the bestest. Hoping it continues

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cute style, cute story, just the right amount of hgn. i'd lke more servings please

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Nice cute little story, not a big fan of age gap's when it comes to school kids and adults. But I like that Yuzuki is fighting her urges, while Mio is doing the seduction. It's sweet, hope we get more of these two characters.

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I don't know. Not a big fan of this one, and I know it's not the age gap because 'Beloved L' is one of my favorite stories ever. It's just too cutesy, if you catch my drift. And I'm a little tired of the know-it-all dominant high schooler who puts the ditsy teacher/OL/etc. on edge. Also, her appearance really bothers me. It's so 90's anime style with the long black hair going down to her ass and this demure school girl outfit. It's cute, but like, I'm not really digging it. Guess I just got spoiled from that huge surge of adult life mangas a few weeks back.

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An MMO that plays with a controller and has a mobile version ?


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I really enjoy this simply for the straightforward cuteness :)

It reminds me of 'Bright and Cheery Amnesia' tho less comedy oriented.

And their mmo is called Venus online? Sounds like a suitable game for hooking up yuri couples!

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like da fuck fuck already.

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How could I miss this... Thanks for picking this up, translator-san. :D
This is so cute. <3

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I have a feeling Mio's parents are just dying to sell her off to Yuzuki at this point xD

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Fuckin precious

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I'm seriously developing a huge addiction to age gap stories where against all predictions, the adult actually holds her ground and doesn't cross the line. Yuzumori-san awakened me

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I like the concept, but the whole thing seems to be the same gag over and over again? It'd be nice if they got more personality...

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