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Well...Ummm....This was interesting

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That sex was really grrrrrrrrreat.

drpepperfan Admin
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That sex was really grrrrrrrrreat.

Thought about leaving this comment, wanted to see if anyone else would first.

You have earned 50 silver points for saying it first.

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The furries have gone too far

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hey there now this is nekomimi, and if she had sex with miyu in tiger form in thats straight up beastality.. no where do i see furries in this

i thoroughly enjoy animal ears on my girls but hard pass on... full animal...

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This was purrrfect ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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That sex was really grrrrrrrrreat.

literally could not function for a good 5 minutes bc i was laughing so hard at this XD

lol and you would think the literal predatorial beast would be on top XD

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...that ending was... An ending.

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Overall really good. Credits page is cute as hell too- anyone have the source for it?

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That Tiger at the end! I need her! x3

Darynka Makarchuk
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Comedy tag!!!!

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Animal ears are the beast.
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Such an adorable tiger =]]]]

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So... does this technically count as bestiality?

IDK man, seems pretty safe sane sentient to me...

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That ending I swear to god

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beastiality tag when?

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Tigers can over 2 mate 100 times days.
Tigers can mate 100 over 2 times days.
Tigers can mate 100 times over 2 days.

That took me a really long time to figure out lmao

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This is cute...wait...what?

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Since this appeared on the Random Chapter. I'm just going to say this.

______ fucks like a tiger.

Had to get it out of my system.

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Sometimes its just like that, you know?

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I keep wanting to make an Idolmaster Cinderella Girls version of the blackboard from the start of the Touhou doujin Komainu Set ( — maybe
* Mushrooms
* Shiki's shady new perfume
* Yuuko is fooling around again
— and I think it has to be Miku saying, "Templates like that are forbidden, nya."

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SO GOOD.. There’s so much passion and love.

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