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interesting read, the ponytail boy is pretty cute haha

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what a bro

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This is great!!! I love how the characters come across and how supporting they are of each other.

It does make me think that having to say you like the things or people you love is a nice way to ease into expressing your love. It has the potential to open up different ways of expressing your love like using different words. You could I like, I adore, I cherish and many more like that. Saying I love works as well but at times in other works and I can say from personal experiences saying that helps express the emotion but makes it grow so much stronger it can feel unbearable. Which isn't a bad but the chest pain because the emotion is so much I can do without....

Anyway!!! I did come to find that saying how I feel about that special ex I'm referring to helped the strong emotion of love ease out a lot more than saying I love you. Well that's all I wanted to say~ I might be thinking to deep about this but this where this work has brought my thoughts and opinions.

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Transgender tag would be appropriate for this one since Mei wishes to transition (MtF). So glad I found this gem. Now if only the series that now features these characters had more frequent updates.

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Well, I must say, this has to be one of the best things I've read on this site. While I'm iffy with Suzu, to find something trans and wholesome is something I love, without it being fetishised.

The other two chapters were, eh, yaoi with a fluffy-ish ending. With this, though, I liked hearing about Mei, and the author actually included background that's not 100% perfect and she struggled with her parents a bit. Suzu has the best intentions in mind, although I'm not sure how I feel about him only wanting to be a girl so he could date someone. Overall, though, this was a good read and I liked it. The art was on point, too.

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