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joined Apr 20, 2013

Oh! glad to see this translated here :P is really good!

joined Sep 11, 2014

Wow, Indou is such a chick magnet. Guess being smol and cute can trigger gayness in girls.

joined Apr 18, 2015

this is gonna get gay.

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smoll pupper found owner

joined May 26, 2011

military yuri.. girls in cute uniforms.. sign me the heck uppp

joined Jun 30, 2016

Ohh im liking this! btw why Indou was in such a state? her aunt in the flashback looked nice with the kimono and stuff anyway this first episode really got my attention.

joined Jan 6, 2017

I sense a harem.

joined Jul 29, 2017

So, the reason behind the older girls’ double takes: because she’s just so darned adorable, or because she’s the Orphan with Distinguished Parents (who she physically resembles)?

Also, in regard to the “Let me touch you!” “Not there!” scene:

So did things escalate quickly into Schlick City (almost impossible), was this a prelude to the haircut in some way, or something else?

Otherwise (or in addition), passes inspection all around. More, please.

joined Jun 30, 2017

I thought she was HER SHIM-CHEONG.

joined Apr 27, 2013

Well, this is a nice change of pace

joined May 15, 2018

Nice yuri air, beautifull art and a good history, this has a lot of potencial... already waiting for more XD
joined May 7, 2014

I predict this type of Yuri will become anime someday :)

joined Jun 3, 2018

This seems cute as heck. Can't wait for more.

joined Apr 15, 2013

Looks fun and very cute.

joined May 8, 2017

This was an amazing chapter! Can't wait for more.

joined Jan 11, 2014

I need the continuation with the bath scene. What happened there?!

joined Sep 14, 2017

dam i like it its something new :D

joined Aug 27, 2013

Military yuri... Lesbians in uniforms... I feel like I'm flying over the clouds with an harp, I didn't deserve such blessing!

joined Jul 29, 2017

I need the continuation with the bath scene. What happened there?!

I saw a version of this on another site with a different translation, and the line:

“Let me / touch you” is rendered “Please / let me tease you!!”


“Please wait a . . . / N-not there!” is “W-wait / that place is.”

So “tease” = something about hair, and the second is a wink-wink Not What It Sounds Like gag, I guess? Maybe?
joined Jan 7, 2018

this looks really promising, and man, the blonde was supposed to be an annoying and scary character, but she went in a couple of pages to a 100% gentleman, it's nice that she didn't act all tsundere and immediately aimed for her. indou is cute but i wish she didn't cut her hair (i like characters with hair hiding face trait).

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joined Sep 30, 2017

It's not always that a series hook me up with just the first chapter, but this one made me grin like an idiot from start to finish. I wanna more.

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I need the continuation with the bath scene. What happened there?!

They held hands

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Hopefully, no one goes off to war...

I love this setting. But that period in history...

I hope that this can stay lighthearted throughout. I would hate to be reminded of the real life history of that time period in such a manga.

joined Feb 2, 2013

Remember gals, "don't breed or buy, adopt cute strays".

joined Sep 8, 2016

I’m absolutely loving this. A cute insecure innocent girl with so much potential being doted on by senpai? Cuuuuuute! Sign me the hell up.

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