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joined Jul 13, 2018

Yuri or not, I don't really care. Just seeing how those two (especially Minami) love each other makes me drop my manly tears.

Haruka is cute too. I think they could manage polygamy well. Everyone's happy.

Guess what? Damn you truck-kun. Must be your evil doing.

joined Aug 18, 2016

My boyfriend's back and it's gonna be yuri, hey-la, hey-la

joined May 10, 2018

She said Minami-SAN. That's the girl!

joined Oct 22, 2018

Let's tag it yaoi then.

Put all possible tags and let people fight to the death in the forums.

Lmao, yeah, let's just put all the tags in just for the lulz, so we could watch the World burn.

That aside, I'm inclined to believe the interpretation according to which Kouhei and Haruka slowly start merging into the same person in the latter part of this one-shot.

joined May 25, 2019

I hope she will ditch the dude and fall in love with Haruka that would be good Yuri!

joined Nov 8, 2021

That's... An unexpected good romance

I'm glad I've read this now

joined Feb 10, 2022

Really interesting story. I wish it could be more chapters to see how Minami sort her feelings. Haruka wouldn't mind if Kohei uses her body to do it with Minami cause it was clear Haruka is into yuri. This could have easily been a nice long story

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