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Ugh, I'm done.

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Chale just as the proofreader mentioned this was hinted for a long time, I am still kinda shocked about kurokawa reaction, I am curious about how this will be resolved can't wait for the next chapter.

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strong inferiority complex is a helluva drug.

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Wow, ch32 was so fast.
Raw came out on 5th March. And on 6th March, we already had the English scanlation.

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So are they going to become "super friends" with a "super friendship"?

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Wow, TLs coming out at lightning pace. Much appreciated.

Yeah, I think it's easier to ask who didn't see this one coming. I'm just tired, maaan. I knew it was inevitable, and I'm still disappointed. Guess I'll be back for the next chapter hoping for some progress.

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Someone take them to therapy please

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At least the meaning of "Useless Princess" makes a lot more sense...

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Lol the way they get so intense is always pretty hilarious to me. It's so over the top.

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I got baited. The way Kurokawa looked so serious when she said she wanted to talk led me to think they might actually have a meaningful discussion about what happened. Then she hit us with the old "I'm not worthy". What a Goddamn disappointment.

Lol the way they get so intense is always pretty hilarious to me. It's so over the top.

Also this. Part of the reason I enjoy this manga is the sheer amount of over-dramatizing. Every reaction is like they've been told their whole family died in a fire.

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The amount of frustration I get watching these useless princesses is extreme. I look forward to how these useless princesses will get together romantically.

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Well, shit.

Kurokawa's inferiority complex has been well known to the readers since Chap. 25, so this isn't really a surprise. Still, I was hoping, though...

Now the question is, do they awkward aversion-crap for the next 10-15 chapters? Or does Fujishiro go after Kurokawa love with abandon despite being rejected? If it's the former, we're looking at Girl Friends 2.0 at best.

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I guess.

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Wow, ch32 was so fast.
Raw came out on 5th March. And on 6th March, we already had the English scanlation.

lol, people were up our asses like 5 minutes after the raws came out. we also dont want to make people wait during these climactic chapters.

p.s. the proofreader message at the end is not from me. usually, the only people i tell to go fuck themselves are bigots.

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The stakes here are so goddam high they have a medical card

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Definitely saw this coming as soon as she started saying her real feelings, but I kept hoping it wasn't the case. Fuuuck! Why is it so hard for people to like themselves?!

bows down to the great glorious Stan Miller for rushing this out

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Totally expected her to view it that way, but dang, the panneling, the fonts...That was intense!
Thousands thanks to the translating group!!

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This is awful...that we have to wait a whole month now for an update

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Oh yes, much gratefulness from me towards the hardworking translating team <3

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what the ffuuuuuuuuccccckkk? that was insane

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Thank you translators for such a fast release. And I agree, this was a long time coming. Heck, you can feel the author release so many chapters worth of buildup. Anyway, it's on brand. Makes it all the more satisfying when they do overcome the uselessness. Eventually. Hopefully. Maybe.

I'll still be following this until the end. Uselessness is entertaining in its own way XD

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Welp, I didn't think this was actually going to be addressed in the following chapter, I really thought we were going to be strung along for a bit first. This reaction from Kurokawa does not come as any big surprise to me, I feel like a lot of people called this in the comments but man is it frustrating to read

That build up in the chapter though, that was INTENSE!! Really set the tone for the outburst I feel

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The story's centering on Kurokawa's angst but honestly that was some grade A dehumanizing. I'm not sure I'll be comfortable with the inevitable happy end after this.

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Can't say I am surprised about this development, but the continually entertaining over the top dramatics did hit even higher than expected so there is that.

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Glasses have returned. Why? What does that mean?

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