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Hello everyone :)
I want to know what games you are playing and what games you are looking forward.
I love Resident Evil 5 on PS3 and Okami on Wii.
I'm looking forward to Resident Evil Revelations.
And did anyone know the game Tombi for PS1?
I'm curious what you play :)

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I play pretty much RPGs and adventure games. I have all kinds of consoles so I have different games for different consoles.

I have a whole bunch of games that I started and haven't finished but there is a balance of the ones I have finished too.

I love the "Tales of" Series and the Final Fantasy Series and Ace Attorney/Gyakuten series so I can't really pick a favourite. Actually, I pretty much like almost all the games that Square Enix makes. I'm trying to finish FFXIII(PS3) but there's this one boss that keeps killing me no matter how much stronger I get. I'm also trying to finish Tales of Vesperia for XBox360 but it's broken so... yeah... I have a bunch of DS games that I have finished but SMT Devil Survivor is currently what I'm working on but I lost it somewhere in my cousin's house so that's a set back.

I'm looking forward to the new Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS 2 which is probably coming out next year on DS. Also FFXIV for PC that came out but I'm hoping that I'll get sooner or later. Oh and Tales of the Abyss for 3DS (originally for PS2), I have to get a 3DS now just to play that game. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded too for DS. OMG The new Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover is a must have!! I'm soo looking forward to it, I must get a 3DS now, no matter what!

Sorry but no, I don't know Tombi...

PS: I'm the gamer in my family :P

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wow, this are pretty much games :O most of them I don't know^^
I'm very excited of the 3DS, all I've seen was unbelievable.
I think that the other companys also will release 3D Consoles, but Nintendo is now first leader. The 3Ds is in Germany in march on the market so I guess I'll buying one then :)
A friend lent me next week FFXIII, I'm curious how it is. He said that the gameplay isn't like the ones before, but I think this is a nice change :)

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Basically take Crono's list, minus Final Fantasy and add Zelda. I honestly thought I would hate the Ace Attorney series but I ended up loving it. My all time favorites, however, are Legend of Dragoon and the .hack// original series (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine)

I can't stand racing, sports or over realistic games. A few people thought I was crazy for not like Modern Warware 2 or 1 or whatever one they're on now, but I play video games for fantasy... not some realism simulation BS.

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Alice wrote

Basically take Crono's list, minus Final Fantasy and add Zelda. I honestly thought I would hate the Ace Attorney series but I ended up loving it. My all time favorites, however, are Legend of Dragoon and the .hack// original series (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine)

I can't stand racing, sports or over realistic games. A few people thought I was crazy for not like Modern Warware 2 or 1 or whatever one they're on now, but I play video games for fantasy... not some realism simulation BS.

Oh yeah... The LoZ Series, I completely forgot about them. I love them too~

Oh my god same here. My guy buds say I suck for not liking COD or Modern Warfare 1/2/?. Fantasy are FTW. Shooting and realistic sims are just... gives me a headache... Racing and sports and stuff just kinda annoy me cause it's the same thing over and over again. Race/play, win, become champions, tires me out.

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I don't have ps2, let alone ps3.
So...I just play Atlantica online. As for offline, I play Civilization V and several NDS RPG game in NDS Emulator. Anyone know good NDS emulator? I've trouble playing Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier, my emulator seems rather slow.
I also play Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hisoutensoku, but not the danmaku version, I also play several Touhou doujin like Gensokyo Shoujou Taisen.
I did play Resident Evil IV and V and Dynasty Warrior IV and VI. I"m waiting for Fallout New Vegas now.

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Demons soul and star ocean 4

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Recent games I've been playing are Halo Reach, Modern warfare 2, and new vegas. I'm debating on buying Deadrising 2, Black Ops, Medal of Honor, and other games. Hoping Okami 2 comes out soon.

I still love my Okami and Oblivion games and make sure to keep the dust off them.

Thinking of setting the Xbox to the side and get a PS3 and buy Demon Souls. Not sure though. Otherwise I'll get a new xbox 360 and give the old one to a younger sibling or something.

I love gaming <3

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I'm playing Pokemon and Disgaea DS~ And looking forward to more Pokemon, Okamiden, and the Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover omg! Oh, I also play Rome: Total War sometimes, and NES games on my phone just to see how it'll go.
I used to play video games a lot more often, but school, money, and anime have seperated us somewhat. :c

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I'm playing Arc Rise Fantasia on the Wii and Skate 3 on the Ps3 :D.

Oh, btw I love Okami ~ xD its such a good game. (You can tell by my display pic.) =P

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i like modern warfare and resident evil, im a big fan of scary games like dead space and fatal frame :)

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Finished all the Sono Hanabira games this games is soo cute XD
I'm playing Now Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep psp
Mana Khemia PSP
I want to play next
grandia psx

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Gabe Puratekuta
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Well, let's see....

Megaman ZX, Megaman ZX Advent, All three Castlevania DS games and Harmony of Despair, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Still got some things to do on Mass Effect 2 and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Kopfweide wrote

And did anyone know the game Tombi for PS1?

I'm guessing you meant "Tomba!". I have played the second one a few years go, but not a lot

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i play most games on gba and nds emulators since about all i have is my pc.... currently i'm playing memento mori, but i have yet to finish it.... i played sims until i can't install it back into my pc LOL... i played half-life, but can't seem to install half-life 2... i got a bunch of games i have yet to play... yeah... thatt's about all the games i've played... i play on9 too, but only for a while 'cuz it got pretty slow after a while LOL... so the on9 games i play r flash games or fb games... =)

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Im a PC gamer too, so I'm waiting for my Assassins Creed: Brotherhood to be released on PC =_="

So right now I'm kicking it old school and playing Nintendo 64, PS1/2 games with the help of my Nintendo 64-to-pc adaptors and emulators

Currently playing: Mario Party 2, GoldenEye 007

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Finished King Bounty: Crossroad lately (EXTREMELY good game) so I picked up FFXIII again. I had played about 12 hours when it first came out, got awfully bored of it and dropped it there. After seeing the trailer for FFXIII-2, I decided to try it again. It's... quite a bit better than I remembered. It's actually pretty entertaining now, but the fact that I can now do more than spam "attack" or "ruin" helps considerably. It's by no means the best game ever, but it definitively gets much better after the 15th hour or so.

Currently at chapter 11, so not that much further to go probably. That'll be one less game on my "bought but haven't finished yet" pile, with Dragon Age next to finish and then Mass Effect 2 to begin...

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I love the FF series, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, and a bunch of others, mostly RPGs. I especially like strategy or tactical RPGs. FFXIII is really good in my opinion, but I haven't played it in a long time, mostly because of the fact that when I was almost at the end with somewhere between 50 and 100 hours of gameplay (don't really know since it doesn't say on your save data like it used to) I decided, for nostalgia's sake, to start a new game. since the game always places the cursor over a new game when you save... well, you can probably tell what happened. The games I play now are called 'School: a Privilege Gone Wrong' and 'Refresh: a New Chapter'. The first one is an old school pen and paper game and the second is my favorite online game to play while procrastinating.

By the way, Call of Duty: Back Ops is fairly good in terms of balanced gameplay (shotguns are primaries and only one can be dual wielded, no machine pistols on secondary so you have to be really good if you want to use a shotgun) however, it has major server issues (at least for me) I have been kicked from the server more than I ever was in Modern Warfare 2 without even half the time played.

Other than that, I really need a NES. I have a whole stack of games and nothing to play them with.

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I am currently replaying through Oblivion in anticipation for Skyrim (Which is going to be awesome). Other than that I try to play all different kinds of games, from Myst to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I have tried to hit all the bases. I also collect classic video games (despite only begin 18). I own one NES, one SNES, one Genesis, two PS1, two PS2 (fat and slim), one Xbox 360, one PSP, and four DS's (two fats, and two lites). I was just recently able to get my hands on a copy of Megaman 2 and it was pure concentrated awesomeness.

Also to sholum, while I cannot give you an NES, I will take those games off your hands. :D

As of this moment, I'm playing Assassin's Creed II on my laptop as well as play Ragnarok Online. But usually, I play visual novels like Fate/Stay Night and Sono Hanabira Kuchizuke Wo; though I'm playing Chaos;Head now. :]

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Right now I'm currently playing two games. One of them is Freespace 2, which is also what I usually play as I am a developer for three different mods. One of those mods is moving along very smoothly, another is pretty much at a screeching halt due to a lot of inactive members, and the last one is my personal project that is getting nowhere due to my laziness. The game itself though is very fun and it's nice to see what people make.

I'm prolly the only one who's heard of this game around here, though.

Oh and the other game I'm playing right now is Red Orchestra 2. It's a pretty sharp contrast to Freespace, but what can I say? I'm a weirdo. :3

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I'm always playing EvE-online, but on the side I'm either touching up, perfecting, or just hopping back into UT2K4, Final Fantasy VII, or Fallout 3.
I'm, sadly, on a 15gb monthly bandwidth, so once I get an acceptable connection I wil return to my Steam account, and expand my gaming list for sure.

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mostly in to any games except sports and raceing. Im playing fate extra on psp right now very addicting abd also skyrim and assassins cree on xbox. I mostly play rpgs and shooters cant wait for resident evil operant racoon city and mass effect 3 and bioshock infinite.
I do old ps1 games im kinda a collector legend of dragoons awsome
And i never beat tomba! But it was fun jumping on fish lol
As forsystems i own almost everything but old systemz.

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Right now I'm primarily playing Battlefield 3 for the PC doing some side work still for the FreeSpace Open projects I'm a part of occassionally. Played the Medal of Honor single player about a week ago and my mind was blown but I was really disappointed about how short it was.

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I'm one of the hardcore who still plays FFXI as it is the only mmo to ever interest me. Although the lack of asshats does help. As for other games I'm totally into the Armored Core series of games as well as the Star Ocean series, gotta love all the les yay between Nel and Claire in SO3, and of course the Zelda series goes without saying. For the most part I'm an rpg and adventure game type of girl. I pick up the occasional shooter or horror game from my brothers as well. Fyi I'm probbly the only person in FFXI to have built a melee setup for Red Mage. Yes it does work, but no it aint easy to get the right gear.

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Dark Souls, I just beat Sif and Moonlight Butterfly. I'm surprised I did it on the first try considering how much I've been dying in the game before ==;;

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