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Very sweet indeed, love the docile art, definitely looking forward to more from this new artist! \o/

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Quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors. We'll see how Teiji ni Agaretara plays out before I decide for sure, but her stories, even short, are full of fluffy good feelings. Can't wait to see more.

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this author is basically the whole definition of wholesome

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She's literally drawing crack.

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Yuri Times has the first part of a two-part interview with Inui Ayu up now for those interested.

edit: Part 2 is up!.

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For those who wanna support Inui Ayu, Yuri Hub's launched a website where you can either join a membership (which is apparently similar to Fanbox but seperate from that site) or buy a couple of English translated doujinshi.

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Also for those who want to support her, Yuri hub is selling those doujinshi in DLsite all ages under the circle name YURI HUB (Yuri Hub also sells adult content under YURI HUB PLUS).

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