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Purity at its finest

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaah so cute i'm dying :P

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So cute! I love any 1st year ships, it's so pure and sweet x)

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As mind bendingly cute as this was, it makes no sense for the two of them going all the way to tokyo to have fun without hanamaru. As all we know, the three are married

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Cute stuff! So pure, so sweet~♡ Reading this stuff makes me uncontrollably smile :)

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Ruby is an expert flatterer. I love this so much!! <3

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Ah, pure fluff like this soothes my soul. Also, is that credits page true? Because if so, that's kinda awesome.

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Little demon number 4? Number 1 must be Riko then You and Yoshimaru, maybe.

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that head pat on pg15

I recognize that sound effect

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This is such a great title, cute work too.

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Ah, pure fluff like this soothes my soul. Also, is that credits page true? Because if so, that's kinda awesome.

A small bit of searching suggests they've gone on a couple dates. I'm unsure if these were serious dates or more along the lines of hanging out with a friend and refering to that as a date. It'd sure be neat if they were dating though. Also surprising, if they were intending to do so openly.

On topic: I'm not usually a fan of Ruby, I think something about her design rubs me the wrong way, but I enjoyed this a lot. I can't quite place why, but something about the art makes her seem more... mature than usual.
Tooth rotting fluff aside, their relationship and dialogue felt very natural. That might explain the more mature feeling I got, actually.

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Also, is that credits page true? Because if so, that's kinda awesome.

Just go through Aikyan's Instagram and you'll see that most of the pics are with Kinchan (Hanamaru) and Furirin (Ruby), and a lot with Furi only. The first years seiyuus are really close to each other, to the point that they gave themselves a name, "FKT" (Furihata - Kobayashi - Takatsuki: see this pic ). They also did hanami together recently.
About a specific PuriKyan date, it could be this from the end of March:

There was also this at the end of August, but I think this doujinshi came out before

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Oh yeah I remembered seeing the cover art in Twitter after seeing Furirin and Aikyan's post. Sivaeri is a hardcore Ruby fan. Thank you Translators ♡♡♡

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ruby got that drip. that is sus

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