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Loved it: 5/7.
Nice art, fluffy sex

Nezchan Moderator
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That was one hell of an abrupt ending.

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Well, we've got anal, and a good one too. 11/10

Kitsune Inari
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Loved it: 5/7.
Nice art, fluffy sex

Perfect 5/7. Would bang again.

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Sexy omg yas

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That was one hell of an abrupt ending.

Lol- just what I had to click to comment on.

I was gonna say - even in a straight up hentai work you shouldn't either start OR stop in the middle of the sex!
You need some kinda setup, then to round it up and give a proper ending, you need the characters to SAY something afterward! Some kinda after scene to give it meaning.

If it just ends like this one did, it's like... AND?? what was the point in that? What was you trying to show or say?
Except for the first few pages, it might as well of been 20 random unrelated MxR hentai pics!

I mean the start was set up right - they had had sex the night before - while drunk, first Marisa thought Reimu didn't remember and was gonna forget about it too, then they get intimate again - and yet we are told nothing of why or what they feel or what comes next.

It's not like you need a lot for a hentai - a couple of panels and lines of dialogue could of ended it just fine.

I agree the art is good- it is fine overall for a hentai doujin - it just needed a proper ending lol!

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very nice

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