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joined May 5, 2013

I must be drunk but I didn't get what happened at the end of the chap ? Did Chika somehow said she was in love with You or something ?

I hate when I don't get it.

joined Jan 25, 2017

In a roundabout way, but yeah, she did

joined Dec 21, 2015

I want to yell at them, "Just communicate!"
Although I can't even say I'm in the position to say something like that, haha.....I know it can be hard to just talk it out. I kinda get where You is coming from.

joined Jun 13, 2012

"Not sleeping well because of--- "

Wow, interesting.

joined May 2, 2015

God bless you, we need more YouChika content

joined Dec 4, 2015

God bless you, we need more YouChika content


joined Nov 25, 2016

This kind of doujinshi makes me dislike ChikaYou ship and relationships... Because it's like the only person who Chika doesn't understand feelings is You... Also I like the ship

joined Sep 24, 2015

This one was very nice. A bit deep in meaning, but heart felt.

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