ForumNews SSamba, author of Fluttering Feelings, has passed away.

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R.I.P., bro.

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Rest in peace, Ssamba.

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This is very heartbreaking. She talked about how she can't go without drawing a kiss scene. It's sad how much she wanted to continue the series and other ideas she had. She will always be remembered as one of my favorites. My condolences to her family. I cried even more after reading her last blog post. She made her characters lovable and her work was so beautiful. Her work was unique and I liked it. May Ssamba rest in peace knowing that she has touched many hearts and helped through the sad times for me. This is my goodbye. Thank you so much Ssamba

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Is this April mop?

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My condolences to Ssamba's family. Fans of Fluttering Feelings sharing their enthusiasm on Tumblr led me to the manhwa and I looked forward to every new twist...reading it opened up many new windows and conversations for me and I am grateful.

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Research to cancer is nice and all if you don't know much about Verilo ( a old relic name for intensive internal strengthening).

If I was more fluent or even did a better job of communicating to the translator of Ssamba's blog posts, I'd be certain I would of been able to help her. Whether slight or big, I had the resources to assist her and many people like her... Chemotherapy disgusts me, I lost too many family members from it, and it is still prescribed. Do you know the survival rate with chemo is less than 50%, 50% is already low, but less than that? I'll be damned. If you know family with cancer, or even yourself, feel free to check out willow bark and yew tree (yew tree is in chemo, but only a small decimal percentage prox. .035% - 1%). Yew and willow are natural herbs. Good diet along with it. If you need guidance feel free to message me at KACOXCLOTHING@GMAIL.COM

I am deeply saddened ssamba has left us, even more sad, you could feel the passion, the emotions, and of course the fluttering feelings from her work. She was expressive and a well rounded and likable person. You will be missed, eonnie.

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Rest in peace SSamba
This might be very late of me but I wanted to pay my respects to you too
FF was something that felt very genuine to me, thanks for making such a fine story that I'll forever cherish
You will be missed

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RIP Ssamba. I started FF when it was just under 15 it every week until her hiatus. You will be missed and this story will always have a special place in my heart! :'-)

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I still re-read her works from time to time. I feel sad whenever I remember how young she died. RIP Ssamba

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A little late but better late than never. RIP the GOAT, Ssamba!

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To be honest I just started reading this because I found it in tiktok and everyone in the comments told the author to rest in peace and I love flutter feelings, I hope the author is now resting and happy with her work. Many will live on to love flutter feelings I hope the author rests well.

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