ForumNews SSamba, author of Fluttering Feelings, has passed away.

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May she rest in peace and be happy and without any suffering in the afterlife.

My Dad lost his 2 year fight with cancer just 3 month ago. All I can say is - Fuck cancer!

I know how you feel, my mother lost her half-year fight against cancer two years ago. I think many of us can understand how hard this is. Right, fuck cancer!

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Rest in peace love. What a sad sad day.

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My condolences to her family and friends.

I googled earlier, but is there a photo of Ssamba? I just know her name and her work but I'd somehow like to remember a face with it. :/

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This is a very sad event, made even sadder by the fact that her work reached so many people and touched as many hearts.

Thank you so much SSamba

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I feel so sad, I didn’t know about this until today, and I felt like I’m a disgrace not keeping up with SSamba or Dynasty Scans. I love Fluttering Feelings it was one of the BEST MANHWA I ever read. I was serectly hoping that SSamba will recover well, but now I have to say goodbye.

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I loved that comic. I was a huge fan of SSamba and I'm really sad to hear she passed away. It's a shame she wasn't able to continue on with Fluttering Feelings but I'm happy with the wonderful story she was able to tell up until she couldn't work anymore. This is a sad day for me and for all of her fans. Thank you so very much, SSamba. Rest in peace.

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Also, a major thank you to Halmoni for translating Fluttering Feelings for us. And thank you for posting the translated obituary. I really enjoyed your work and I share your pain with this tragic loss. I hope you'll be willing to do more manwha translations in the future because I think you're really talented.

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I dont have the words... I just can't...
This has just broke my heart...

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Wow, an author died of cancer. What a world we live in :(

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Escape from troubles and anxiety of the real world. And Ssamba through her talented stories and art was a part of my escape. Unfortunately, even here, the real world and its troubles and pain can cause such loss and sadness. Thank you Ssamba for your stories and imagination. Thank you Halmoni for all your hard work, I would have never enjoyed her wonderful stories without your help.

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Rest in Peace. Thank you Ssamba

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Noooooooooooooo. May she find peace wherever her soul took her. Fluttering feelings really gave my feelings a flutter. You will be missed

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She opened doors for me as cheesy as it seems. I was indulged in her world and I am very sadden by this. She is gone but what she left behind will be forever. Rest In Peace SSamba.

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I found out yesterday and since then I've had a knot in my stomach. I'm sad beyond words. Fluttering Feelings is by far one of the best yuri stories I've ever read, if not THE BEST, cause it's truly amazing and full of beautiful characters and feelings. And it breaks my heart that she passed without seeing her work through. I was hoping with all my heart she would recover soon, she was so young.
I am so heart broken. I hope she can rest peacefully now.

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I hope she can finally rest in peace now. Fluttering Feelings was my first manhwa ever and it will remain as one of my favorites. It was heart breaking reading the obituary.

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While I never finished reading fluttering feelings, this death has hit me hard in so many ways. I plan on reading it as soon as I have time. I hope that wherever her soul intends on going, I hope she knows that she has made a difference in a lot of peoples lives, including mine. My Condolences to the family as well.

Rest In Peace, SSamba.

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Knew that she had cancer for a bit, but it's still shocking to hear it happen. FF really was great, and so was she.

Rest in peace, SSamba.

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Gods, I was hoping so hard that she'd overcome it and be okay. Her work was absolutely gorgeous, so meaningful to me and many others, this is very difficult to hear. I hope that wherever she is now, it's better than here.

Much love to you, SSamba.

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Dammit... fucking cancer...

RIP Ssamba.

Pantshitter Gakuto
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Thank you for everything
RIP Ssamba

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oh my god... I thought about her last weekend... was wondering if there were any news from her... and now this... why?!! Rest in peace, dear Ssamba! Your work will never be forgotten, and our hearts will always stay aflutter...

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cmon guys,
it's Cancer we're talking about. we should've seen this comin ;_;

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Rest In Peace Ssamba... You will be missed

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May she rest in peace knowing our love <3

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RIP SSamba. Your Fluttering Feelings was one of the earliest yuri genre comics I read and helped me fall in love with the genre and many of it's writers and artists. Your ability to write and draw was fanominable, you have so many fans and those who love you. Thank you for everything you have done and those whom you have inspired to carry on the art form.
I surely miss you.
Jay E.
Scottsdale, AZ USA

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