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Shiori is so gay for Minori.

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a magical firl! ♫♪♫

A magical furry girl. Typo or genius?

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Okay I legitimately enjoy this a lot and hope it's long lasting. I'm only just finishing Chapter 7 and I can't say I've laughed at a yuri-esque manga like this in a good long while. Some are cute and light-hearted and just fluff but this has me legitimately cracking up.

The Cleaning Lady just barging in at the end of Ch 7, just yelling out of nowhere "HOW WILL YOU MANAGE WITH SUCH A BUDGET?!" It's so absurd and yet so based in the narration, that I find it well done and hilarious.

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Minori sure has expressive hair

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I feel like this should have the "animal ears" tag.

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poor Akar- I-I mean...Minori...

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Oh, this is actually nice. Now, I can't catch all the references, but Minori's (pink) transformed state looks quite a bit like Madoka, while Kanoko's (red) have some resemblance to Mew Ichigo.
Who do you think Shiori's (blue), Riko's (green) and Chinami's (yellow) transformations are based on?

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This is really really good. Reminds me of that one candy-themed girls manga. Good job to the translators for picking this one up!

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She's fattening up Toko!!! Run Toko! (oh wait...)

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I love how all of chapter 12 she was sitting in her lap and even after she realized it didn't get up.

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Saaya return to your game

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Ooooooo, cyooot and funniii!!!!! its like GochiUsa bumped donuts with a magical girl and made a sweet and furry magical/(science)-baby!!!.... then dropped it on it's head... sure it's a bit silly after that but it's still cute and makes for a pretty funny story anyway! Eheheh 5 second rule!!! Ittadakimasu!!!

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aaaah this was way too short, but i loved every chapter!

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The best 4-koma magical girl manga

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Really love the character interactions in this, many laughing out louds

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