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You know we have people that look at the sky for a living? A rock big enough to cause a mass extinction event wouldn't go unnoticed.

Although it is true we have people that look at the sky for a living there aren't enough of them. We could easily be taken by surprise by a rock large enough to cause a mass extinction, but even in a worse case scenario where it was an uncharted object with low albedo and an eccentric orbit we would likely spot it at least a few weeks before impact.

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No particular shortage of automated machinery also scanning the sky either. Pretty much anything of meaningful size, nevermind now in the inner solar system, will get detected and have its trajectory calculated as matter of course.

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Lol her ears kinda remind me of YuriKuma Arashi

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Huuuuuuuuh..? Nooooo! Aaaaaaa.

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I love all of these comments about how we would see a meteor of that size coming. In this yuri story about a girl with bear ears who can predict the future. Magic meteors aren't exactly hard to imagine in a story like this one.

And on the story itself - it's cute. I enjoyed the ride and I love the delinquent character. I really appreciated how she took care of her mother without complaining even though it would be completely justified to feel like fate dealt her a bad hand. Having to work while in school and keeping the house in order would be rough on anyone, but her love for her mother made it all worth it. And in the face of an apocalyptic event, her and Kumahara just laugh it off. I don't love the ending, but I love the message.

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''Then they Fucking died"

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Really, Kumahara just needs to give it one good stare. No Heart's meteor is no match for their love!

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I read this when was released, then read it again and yeah, it's so cute XD If she doesn't find the Earth interesting and already got to the point when she couldn't stop the metheor she created, just enjoy the yuri moment. If she created the metheor after finally finding something interesting, then she's a psycho, a cute bear eared psycho

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To everyone discussing about the comet's tail, Kuma chan never mentions a comet, but a meteor. So its very likely that it misses earth since some people has pointed out, or it just becomes a shooting star with zero consequences for earth.

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''Then they Fucking died"

Pity they didn't die fucking.

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