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So the adult can act like an adult. . .

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Omg the guy is a total creep. Can he die please

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That grin at the top of page 16... I've been nauseous all day and that nearly pushed me over the edge. That was some excellent artwork.

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All this is kinda phoned in.

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What Sensei did takes a brain and balls. It's something you rarely see in these situations. Loved it.

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Maybe... Maybe the guy is actually nice, but terrible at expressing it?

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Signs point to no.

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Well, of course the author HAS to slot in lewd hand-holding, because it is not time for the smut yet xD Jokes aside, I guess the theory about her cousin being a dick was correct, my only concern is can the teacher really interfere like that when her student was already very submissive and said that it was a family matter...She has little evidence to accuse the cousin as well, apart from the few injuries on her knees...

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plot twist: the guy was actually telling the truth. she really did just fall and he just has a mean looking face.

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plot twist: the guy was actually telling the truth. she really did just fall and he just has a mean looking face.

or plot twist: madarame is actually quite psychotic, as shown on many occasions by her behavior, and her cousin is the only one to help take care of her cause her parents can't be bothered with a mentally disturbed child, but over the years it has taken a toll on him, but not the type to bother explaining things so makes HIM look like the bad guy. that actually sounds way more interesting lol

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It's too early to judge yet, but based on previous work (Yuunagi Marbled) I suspect it is going to be a straightforward case of abuse.

I thought YN's ending was just a little bit too pat, and if anything Aki is going to be even more damaged than Mishio was. And dating a teacher as a student, especially (can we please remember this...?) a 13 year old, sounds like a Bad Idea. She might be best served by waiting for love until college and going to therapy.

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The 4koma was more fun than the actual manga

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Boom goes the dynamite.

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LOL that 4-koma was a complete 180 from the tone of the rest of the manga.

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The 4koma was more fun than the actual manga

That’s because abuse isn’t meant to be fun

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LOL....She was inspired by Ginpachi (Gintoki)

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can some one explain this?

Her colleague saw her with her contact out and her eye all squinty and it freaked him out.

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where are the delinquents

Oh... Be careful with what you wish for, Sensei.

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The 4 koma is funny XD

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(sigh) Why did the author have to make Aki 13 years old? If you just add 3 years, this would have been a good story about two broken people healing each other. Now it's a lolita story that probably end poorly.

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4koma for this one, didn't see that coming...

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First page: Ginpachi-senseiii !

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Get on the rape train, lads!
As much as I hate men getting in my yuri. I can't deny this is getting good.

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Also, I hope I'm wrong and no sexual abuse is involved but the signs are all there.
I hope that guy dies horribly.

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