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error on page 0056 " no, i mean - Нет, я имела в виду

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Sooo Hearths Warming ;.;

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That was so cute

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these 2 are cutest i swear. The beginning is a little bit over dramatic tho lol

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Well, that goes into my romance list in a hurry.

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What is it with this pairing and the obsession with astronomy anyway? I've got to watch this series at some point so I can get all these in jokes.

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What good feel minani and anya

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Were is the aaaaangst tag?

Also... Is a little unclear. Did Minami actually had a thing with that actor or was just the media's gossiping.

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pg 41, "I'll put an end all this." should be, "I'll put an end to all of this." or "to all this."

pg 69, "I think I'm starting understand" should be, "I think I'm starting to understand what she means"

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This was waaay too neat

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The Dou of Minami x Anya that I have waited so much !!!!

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Double holding hands! Yay!

Were is the aaaaangst tag?

You can propose tag changes above to the right.

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That was really good...I teared up during the final confession...very real, conveyed so well ^_^
I like that the story continued afterwards....that touch of awkwardness and such, vury nice...

I did find myself wanting margin notes for the sfx across the whole was it a woosh, applause...I must know! Haha ^_^
Thanks for translating !

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This google translated russian text is cringy af.

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Miss Anasthesia. LOL. Seeing russian in manga always is so lol :D

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Cute, but a bit disjointed. Anya holding Minami's hand in public to unnerve her is A++ though.

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So beautiful, honest and real.

If I could buy this I definitely would.

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