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It's interesting how I avoid doujins like the plague here on Dynasty Reader. I stick exclusively to original works unless it's a series I like, and I don't watch KanColle, any of the idol animes, and a lot of the other more popular series. But, I go to the website E-hentai quite frequently and I don't have that same stigma over there. I'll read all the doujins, though I guess because I'm there for a different reason. Thing is, I'm always looking for a romantic story and this seriously took me by surprise. Not to mention it's by Sexy Akiba Detectives (not a group you see often on e-hentai). Reading it there made me look it up here and talk about a different reception. The comments for trans/futa manga are always interesting (and often problematic). I'm thankful for e-hentai for introducing me to stuff like this. There's actually a lot of doujins for anime I haven't seen that I adore, but I wouldn't have read them if I only saw them here. There's probably a lesson in all of that. Regardless, this story is very cute, and I honestly think the sex adds a lot to the narrative. The scene where Kanade gets on top feels very emotional, and was a powerful moment to me. I don't think this story would be the same without the sex scenes.
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I love the intimate sex scene, it's so funny and adorable =] The dialogue is serious and natural. It's hard to find futanari stories that aren't focus too much on pornography, so I appreciate this one =]

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I've read this a couple times and I still feel like I'm kind of missing some part of it, but what I can understand and extract out of it I love all of the points in it! Almost makes me want to get into the hell that is Idolmaster...

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  1. Doujinshi that are sexy while still having the characters be not actually very good at sex? Supreme.

  2. Syuko being a trans girl makes a distressing amount of sense with her backstory (for those unaware, she was kicked out of her house after "an argument" with her parents, and was recruited as an idol when she was living on the street and donating blood for money; she supposedly lived in the office for a while).

  3. Syuko and Kanade are very hot together.

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