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Lesson learned confess fast or the person your into will assume you straight. (Or in my case asexual)

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Yay Happy end

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Nice end. However, gotta uhaul it, right? I mean classic lesbian trope.

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The moment when a squinty-eyed character finally opens their eyes is always nice~!

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Adult yuri feels my heart

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this is so wholesome it'll power me through most of the next global tragedy

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Haha fallin in love move in together now that so classic

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I want moar!

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Worth the wait! Welcome back Divulge.

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classic jin

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Love it, I need to read more takimiya jin, so real.

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Why were her eyes always closed?

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The moment when a squinty-eyed character finally opens their eyes is always nice~!

lol I didn't even notice she opened her eyes

Why were her eyes always closed?

It's a thing in anime/manga, I think it means that the person has friendly looking eyes or they're really nice...something of the sort
Damn, it turned into Shokugeki no Soma in that last panel

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Awww :)

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Classic U-Haul. Cute tho.

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The translation note on soba I think was incomplete. The reason she's saying it "must be" soba is that they were neighbors (yes, soba each other) so the first food in their new place is hikkoshi soba which is, I move in to a new place and I make soba for my new neighbors. Then again, maybe the translator figured people knew about that and wanted to point out the allusion to togetherness in wordplay with soba. But at any rate, hikkoshi soba is for sure the main thing referenced.

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Classic U-Haul. Cute tho.

They're just short a couple of cats and tub of hummus!

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That bonus page. You're being too real Takemiya :')
This was cute as. Thanks for the upload

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Ugh Takemiya Jin always delivers

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So cute

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dont like the eyes :/ but its good

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omg yeees

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Why were her eyes always closed?

Closed eyes are a pretty common trope in anime and manga. In this case, the downward closed (aka serene) eyes represent a gentle, relaxed personality. Sometimes it can also imply the person is a bit on the dim or clueless side, like Miyuki's mother in "Lucky Star", or (more obscurely) the Aunt in "Please Teacher".

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